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September 18, 2020, 01:22:19 PM

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Author Topic: Pre-producing an action-RPG, seeking anyone of good will !  (Read 262 times)

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« on: July 15, 2020, 01:54:55 AM »

Hello everyone,

I am a professional gameplay programmer from France (formerly Ubisoft, DR Studios,...). I've been unemployed for 4 months now, and took advantage of this to start my own game on Unity. The problem is, even though I've got a few skills (programming, writing music,...), I cannot do it alone, and I am seeking a team of nice people to help me in this process.

Who am I seeking

Any person of good will, really : programmers, artists, designers, writers, you name it. The more, the merrier.

What I am currently desperately in need of, though, is :
  • A game designer
  • A level designer, to create the first maps and dungeons
  • A narrative designer / a writer, ie. someone who could give some help on building the universe and the story.

Of course there's a catch, otherwise I wouldn't post in "Collaborations" : since I am unemployed myself, I cannot pay anyone, including me. I know this problem very well and my ultimate goal is to create a company as soon as possible, in order to pay my employees. But before that, we need a strong demo to kickstart the game or to find investors.

In terms of work time per week, I am not forcing you to anything : since I can't pay you, you are completely free.

Last but not least : I want my team to be safe. Everyone is allowed regardless of your skin, your gender, your sexuality or your mental health. Not respecting this "fellowship" spirit will be a no-go for me.

Presenting the project!

Let's try to shortly summarize it :

  • A pretty old school action-RPG. The main character, a human, goes through a portal, ends up in the Reptilian dimension and wants to go back home. Most reptilians are humanoids, live like humans, speak, know and use of politics, religion, gambling... The tone of the game will be funny, there will be fights, riddles... Well, that's an action-RPG for you.
  • Top-view 2D
  • Ideally, I'd like the RPG component to be mostly hidden. Yes, there will be weapons and equipment, but I want the game to be accessible and readable to RPG noobs
  • Main gameplay references : Secret of Mana (gameplay, fights, several playable characters either multiplayer or solo with AI), Zelda Link to the Past (fights), Zelda The Minish Cap (riddles including more than 1 playable character)
  • Main writing references : Illusion of Gaia / Illusion of Time (references to our real world and to History, story on multiple layers), Dan Harmon shows Rick & Morty and Community (crazy humor, but also a deep and serious layer in the writing), and the japanese anime Gintama, which has this idea of our world if it had evolved differently, which is the best reason to validate any kind of stupid joke
  • Main visual references : actually it's nothing super precise just yet, the best definition that I can give you is "Nuclear Throne, less pixelated but with more dinosaurs and crocodiles".

The project's current status

As I said, I started quite recently and the Covid-19 situation did not help, so we are still very, very early in the creation process. Programming-wise, we've got the v1 of a few features (cameras with dynamic splitscreen, music sequencer, dialog editor, dynamic weather / day & night system,...)

We also have a bit of scenario, places and characters, as well as some concept arts for buildings and NPCs.
The game design "v1" is still in progress.

Anyway, if you are interested, or if you know someone who might be, please feel free to contact me by private message, or ask me your questions in this topic! I have more details to share with you if you wanna join in!

Thanks for reading Smiley
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