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Author Topic: Roguelike Devlog | Saikyou  (Read 2731 times)
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« Reply #20 on: March 14, 2021, 04:24:06 AM »

Devlog #19 | Item Update 0.11.2
Welcome everyone,
we are working on a fast paced 2D roguelike. You play as a samurai fighting robots in a futuristic arena.
The last update focused on creating a hubworld and a saving system which allowed this update to do its thing. Items! Finally. I wanted to do them for sooooooooo long ... well here we are so lets start!

Why Items?
Items are great this games pacing! Saikyou is a roguelike so you play over and over again. The only thing that improves is your skill level right? Well Saikyou is better than that! This game gives you more gold the better you play. Better meaning more aggresive and faster and therefore more risky. Risk and reward it is.

The starting items (12) are cheap. So every new player will be able to buy some at least. Once you become better you will unlock new items that are more expensive.

I don't want the shitty starting items anymore! Help!
There is this thing I call "Item Pool". The items in that Item Pool can appear inside the shop when you do a Run. Outside of the Run, in the Hubworld, you can buy items into your Item Pool or out of it. You customize which items you want to have. Your super skilled and want the super expensive ones that fit your playstyle? Go for it! You suck? Tough luck.

Right now there are 35 items and next update will add 13 more. Next update will also create more challenges! Meaning there will be a lot of shorter fights you can play, to unlock new items and abilities. Right now there are five of them, but in the next update I will add the real deal! Some challenges will have extra rules "Only the marked enemy can take damage", "start with 1hp" and more!

That's all folks!
I did a lot more smaller things, like creating the "Action Guide". A menu always accesible which shows you all the abilities you've unlocked so far and how to use them. But talking about all the small stuff would take forever so lets leave it at this. If you want to see more, I stream the game making process on twitch and tweet about it. Links are in my profile
Thank you for reading and have a great day!
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« Reply #21 on: April 05, 2021, 07:14:54 AM »

Devlog #20 | Items & Challenges  0.11.3

More Items! More Challenges!
This update added 5+ epic items and 9 uncommon items. Making it 40 items in total. Next update will add the final 6 items!
There are 23 challenges now. Beating a challenge gives you xp, yen and either unlocks an Item or an Ability. The first five challenges are easy and simple.
The other ones after have one extra rule to them. There are five different rules for the 18 challenges, for example "The Root of all Evil: Only the marked enemy can be damaged", or "Darkness: visibility is decreased strongly". These additional rules will be added in the next update. I can't wait!!!! For now you can try yourself on the challenges, they do get really hard! Their difficulty will be adjusted once the rules are added.

I made a Excel Spreadsheet?
You have a level. The level influences the difficulty of the game in two ways. On one hand, leveling up means that new enemies and traps appear. This way the game becomes harder and stays novel. On the other hand, you get new abilities and unlock new Items. This way you have the tools to deal with the new obstacles. You become stronger BUT the game becomes more complicated this way while the difficulty overall stays the same. This way the game stays fresh.
XP is needed to level up, which is gained from doing challenges or runs. Therefore I needed to calculate at what point I want people to be at what level, for how long they need to play the game for and so forth.
Yen is a similar ressource. Gained the same way, but spent on items. You have an item pool. The items in it appear in your run. So when unlocking items, you can buy them into the pool. You can also remove items out of it. All this costs yen. So how much yen should you make? When should you make how much?
So I made a huge ass spreadsheet with all the data in it and played around with numbers until I liked it. Once I get more data from players I can put it into the spreadsheet and adjust the numbers once more. With it, adjusting the values is a piece of cake!

That's all folks!
There is so much more that I did in the last three weeks, but if I mention one then I why not the rest ... but then you're here until I finish the next update. Instead why not play it? :D If you want to see more, you can watch me on twitch or check out my twitter.
Im Missing The Moon, thank you for reading and have a great day!
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« Reply #22 on: April 06, 2021, 12:46:43 AM »

I haven't noticed this devlog until now, subbing to read through it all later but it's clear that you're putting a lot of heart into this so  Coffee

How did I not see your messages earlier?!?!? Crazy

Thank you so much! Kiss Yes, I am putting my everything into this for a while now! It's always nice see that someone notices and to get some love. I appreciate you! Also I was just thinking about making a stronger version of the miniboss "Big Wolf" and now that your talking about making him "big boss mini wolf"  Cheesy ... Im not gonna spoiler anything. Im only thinking about it! No promises  Wink
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« Reply #23 on: April 06, 2021, 06:04:31 AM »

Just noticed you have a Linux version too - I'll give it a spin later Smiley
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« Reply #24 on: April 12, 2021, 09:58:43 PM »

Devlog #21 | Challenge Rules  0.11.4

Yes! Finally! I wanted to do this for sooooo long. And here we are Smiley Challenges now have "rules". Rules mean that the challenge is doing something special to make the game harder and different. They force you to strategize how to play the game with the.

  • Darkness
    Your vision is reduced. This means ranged enemies often attack you from outside your vision and you need to react quick.

  • The Root of All Evil
    Only marked enemies can be damaged. When a marked enemy dies, another enemy gets marked. First challenge only marks one enemy. Next one two. The last two mark three enemies.

  • Towers
    I made three towers with their own behaviour. By themselves they are really simple. So first challenge only has one and last challenge has all three together!
    Tower one shoots like a sprinkler back and forth and then pauses for around six seconds. ​
    Tower two shoots a salve around itself every eight seconds​
    Tower three aims straight at you and predicts where you will be. After two seconds of shooting this tower stops for another around 12 seconds.

  • Burn
    ​You constantly loose health BUT killing an enemy gives you back health! This one is really fun as it forces you to be on your toes. Fight constantly or die from hesitating.
    These rules are easy to implement but make a huge difference!!! I had a blast making them and playing them over and over to test the difficulty. It just felt like a fresh experience or a new game. I hope you all enjoy the challenges as much as I do! But make no mistake, they are hard as hell! They are supposed to be!

That's all folks!
This been a quick update, a lot of changes with minimal effort.  This is what I worked on and can share. I also worked over the save file. It now only deletes the challenges you've beaten and the things you got from that. As always if you want to know more check out my twitch or twitter and stay up to date!​ Next update will finally finish the 0.11 update with the more items and more hub world level design!​
Im Missing The Moon, thank you for reading and have a great day!
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« Reply #25 on: May 03, 2021, 11:17:09 AM »

Devlog #22 | Hubworld / Items / Progression 0.12.0

Let me start of with a god daaaaaaaaaaamm! This update took long. Between 0.11.0 and 0.12.0 more than a hundred days have passed! Yes this update is huge and took a while. The good news: we are almost done with all the programming and design stuff.

After this I will spend about a month to go over the player, boss fight and the levels. Especially the paths between the fights. After that we "just" have to do art, sound design, music and polish. Simple.

Before getting into it, I also made a video. You can check that out if you like it more!

So what took 100 days to do?
I didn't realize how much work I will put into the Hubworld. The plan was to "just make some menu that functions as a hubworld". Simple!

Well it became a liiiiiittle bit more than that. The Hubworld consists of rooms or how I call them "bubbles". There are three shop bubbles. They let you put items in and out of your item pool. The items in the item pool appear in your run.

The Starting Item bubble lets you pick which item you start with. Starting items are money focused items.

The Head Collection bubbles shows you how many kills you got on any enemy that you've killed at least once.

I talk about Challenge bubbles later, but just know they are part of this hubworld too.

That't it? Tzz this isn't even my final paragraph yet!
There now is Progression! All the abilities people had were always meant to be given over time. It is overwhelming to start with every single ability and enemy the game has to offer. And that way you already have seen everything the game has to offer, which ... is boring as hell.

Items and Abilities are now unlocked for beating challenges and for leveling. Yes Another thing this update brings, "Player level".

You get xp for beating challenges and doing a run. With enough xp you level up. The levels unlock Items and Abilities. But there is more to this. The further your level goes the harder the game becomes. I just assume that at that certain level you are ready for this new enemy or new trap. This way the game stays fresh for longer and doesn't overwhelm you with all it's content.

In the future I want to add to this! I only thought of this yesterday so here is the idea. I want a skill tree. Meaning you level up like now but the reward would be a skill tree point instead. Same goes for challenges. Those points you can use to unlock items and abilities in the skill tree. Basically everything is the same BUT the skill tree subtracts me having to work on "what item do I give when" and adds YOU choosing "when to unlock what item". So my random guessing is gone and your interesting choice is added. That's the dream.

Save files are precious!
Now that there are all these items, abilites and achievements I need t save it all! I've never done this before so this was scary. I took the time I needed to do this properly and make sure your save files are never deleted unless you want that. I never heard of someone that went "oh this game deleted my save file, lets just start over". There is no room for messing up in this! Since it was my first time it was scary, but I believe I did a good job. Fingers crossed!

Soooo that's it?
Well ... as I started working on all this I remembered how I wanted to make Challenges. They are levels with one room. In it there are handcrafted waves which are strongly similar each time. That way you can plan and strategize how to beat each challenge. On the contrary the waves in runs are always different. In them you need to be flexible and react to the situation.

I realized that now, while I'm working on the hubworld, is the perfect time to work on this.

The challenges are interesting because they have special rules. I created 23 challenges. In those there are four types with unique rules. I talked in the last Devlog about them so go and check that out if you are interested and want to know more.

Between the challenges there are paths to get from one challenge to another. They have platforming in them. I also added platforming between the start and the first world. This way I teach the platforming mechanics of the game in an safe environment.

A relic of the past

This project has been going on for a year and a half. At this point I every now and then come across code I've made back then. Often I just think "I easily could do this better".

I came across one of those relics but this one was really bad. The shield had a cooldown. Because I thought thats a smart way to fix a problem. The problem being that after you stop shielding, you have a small time window in which you still block. Without a limitation you can just put the shield on and off and you will always parry any incoming attack.

Does a shield cooldown fix the problem? Yes. Is that they way you should do that? Absolutely freakin not ... AT ALL! It lead to people shielding and the shield didn't go off, they get hit, and then it goes on, they go "wtf I shielded! It's on too! I did shield!". Well they did, but it was on cooldown...

So I removed the cooldown. Instead there is a counter now. It's set to 0.3 when you stop shielding. It counts down while you are not shielding. If you block an attack while the counter is below 0.3 you parry, otherwise you block. This is to prevent spamming the button. The old parry logic "block in the last possible moment" is still a thing. Essentially parry now has a cooldown of 0.3, which starts when you stop blocking.

That's all folks!
This time there is so much I didn't talk about but this is already rather long. There is a lot of devlogs talking about some of the stuff and I stream the process, tweet about things. If you're interested make sure you follow me and stay up to date!See you guys in the next Devlog, have a great day!
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