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September 19, 2020, 11:03:46 AM

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Author Topic: Beginner in Composition looking for experience!  (Read 133 times)

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« on: August 03, 2020, 12:51:32 PM »

Hi Everyone!

New user to the forum here, a little about myself.

I've been a touring musician for nearly 10 years but recently started getting into musical composition and sound design, played in rock bands in all my life and did some small scale EDM experimenting, but now i've gotten my way into composition.

I am currently first year in Musical composition and I am in NEED of experience.

I am looking for projects to score music to, if you are willing to give me a chance to build some experience with, i'm willing for you to be competely brutal and slap me around just for experience.

I have a soundcloud page with Some experiments, i'll categorise them by genre.

Orchestral -
Sample 1 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/ke-s-2
Sample 2 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/ke-s-1
Sample 3 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/cnc-fnl-inst

Synthwave & EDM -
Sample 1 - https://soundcloud.com/uptheskyestonia/frank-the-fly
Sample 2 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/midnight-drive2/s-O9nSVebGZt1
Sample 3 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/blood-for-blood

Ambient -
Sample 1 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/responsibility
Sample 2 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/genesis
Sample 3 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/truth-regret
Sample 4 - https://soundcloud.com/ken-einberg/blade-gunner/s-85XqLzFEnGV

I would be very grateful for a chance, please kindly DM me Smiley
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