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Author Topic: Unending  (Read 132 times)
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« on: October 28, 2020, 12:24:37 PM »

A sequel to a puzzle game about movement and death.

The game is currently hosted at itch.io in two forms.
  • A free browser based teaser.
  • A downloadable paid alpha.


The Alpha can load the screenshots below and allow you to play what you can see depicted (the data is stored at the bottom of the image as the blue static). It can also save such screenshots if you want to share your progress. There is a functioning level / campaign editor within the game but it is mostly for my own use.

At the time of writing this I am posting a map-screenshot every day to Twitter under the hashtag #UnendingDaily


The devlog for the preceding game can be found here:


Unending differs from Ending in several ways:

  • The underlying logic of the game is slightly different.
  • Ending was designed to be compact and finite. Unending is not.
  • The map data has been redesigned to allow many more mechanics.
  • There are many more mechanics.
  • You can undo moves - including during the roguelike mode.
  • The puzzles (when I've finished making them) will be presented as a non-linear map.
  • The roguelike mode is significantly changed and still being developed.

Most of my updates will still be posted on the itch.io dev log, but I will try to check in here every now and then. I will also answer any questions folks have for me.
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