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Author Topic: Looking for a 3D artist to finish a TurnBased Roguelike CardBattler Game  (Read 150 times)

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« on: November 20, 2020, 12:50:55 AM »

I am currently a solo-dev working on a TurnBased Roguelike CardBattler. The game is inspired by games like Slay the Spire, Hearthstone, Advance Wars, and Monster Train.

I have a video explaining my vision:

(plz note the video is already a bit older and the game is developed a lot more). In short, the game is about:

Each game starts on a world map, where the player tries to conquer the entire world, by conquering enemy areas. The player starts with a basic deck of cards but by conquering new territories his deck grows with more (semi-random) cards. Each battle takes place on a 4x5 grid. Cards are used to play Units/effects. The battle is a bit of a mix between Advance Wars/Card battlers.

The game takes place after WW2 in an alternate timeline: The allies, soviets and germans are all in the race for dominance. The art-style is not decided yet, but I am thinking a bit about the style of Red Alert 2 (military fantasy but not so groovy as Red Alert 3). But this is still open for discussion.

Please note I have a vision for the game, but I am really open to new suggestions/ideas and if you decide to join I find it important the project also feels like your project.

About me
I am passionate about game development and that's why I started with programming 15-20 years ago (I am 34y btw). I did some formal studies (Computer Science-Bachelor, Game Design and Development- Bachelor). Around 6 years ago I started Skyburn Games. With my studio, I have created a few small games but mostly client-work (most are serious games). However I always dreamt of making my own game and after some experimentation, I started this project about 7 months ago. I work on it around 2-3 days a week (doing some other stuff as well). I always make sure every week there is some progress. I had some ideas about a release date but I think it is better to discuss this together to also fit your schedule. I am an analytical thinker and can be pragmatic when needed. I think I am also a relaxed person, always open to new ideas.

What I am looking for
I am looking for an artist that can help in building a good visual style. It would be awesome if you are good at any of the following things: 3D modeling, Particle/special effects (or even UI). I would like that if people see screenshots of the game, they get excited to try it out. If you have ideas/suggestions about the vision that is also really appreciated. I cannot pay you upfront, however, if you join you of course get revenue from the profits, I know some artists don't want to take this risk (and I understand!), but I think it might be fair. I already developed a really big part of the game (with tooling to quickly create new cards, effects, etc) and I am determined to finish this project, hopefully with an artist on my side Wink

If you might be interested to discuss it a bit more please let me know!

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