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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytestingBlind wizard's assistant - turn based RPG
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Author Topic: Blind wizard's assistant - turn based RPG  (Read 223 times)

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« on: December 03, 2020, 08:26:30 PM »

Hi all,
I have been working on a new indie game Blind wizard's assistant for the past year in my free time. I made a playable demo and I had some of my friends and family try it out, they found it quite interesting. I am looking for some more feedback on the game, please try it out and let me know.

I made a rudimentary trailer here

You can download the demo here at https://smakitgames.com/ or https://noobtiger.itch.io/bwa
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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2020, 07:35:52 PM »

Hi noobtiger,

I played your game and recorded my thoughts:

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« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2020, 02:21:49 AM »

The aesthetic of the pixel art looks great, the faces have a bit of an off quality to them while diagonal and the pixels seem to double up during animation, almost looking like a 3D animation converted to a sprite - a small amount of cleaning up would look great. I'm pretty sure the wizard's staff is missing from one of his diagonal walking frames, too.

Regarding the mouse and keyboard controls, it's not a bad thing to walk with WASD and use the mouse to do things, but having the inventory button being 'I' means I have to either move my hand from WASD to find it or let go of the mouse. Neither is fun to do. A closer button would be better.

As soon as I got into battle I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, I figured it was a case of pre-selecting the wizard's next spell to cast when his action meter filled but it soon became apparent that wasn't the case, and it looks to be more along the lines of waiting for the wizard to just... fight. Some confirmation would have made fighting feel a bit less confusing, as well as some action to take in early game so it feels like I'm actually playing.

Gaining a lot of items after battle felt extremely rewarding, I don't know how often that happens but the first time I got to pick up a tonne of stuff was nice. I feel like it might lose its novelty if it continues, so there'd have to be more and more pickups later on to give the same satisfaction.

Potion images are hopefully high on the to-do list, as seeing an image of more rocks ('elements') as any item I meade didn't look different enough to identify, let alone that I was making anything new. The naming of the items could use some work, too, as 'h2o1' and 'n3p1' look HELLA confusing as items and looks more like item codes, practically unreadable as a player. It's of course just a way of saying water but it reads as something more technical than preferable. As I got more recipes it became apparent the names are their recipes, but if you collect recipes anyway there's really no need for them to be the item's names, especially when you actually have to use them in an environment that has nothing to do with the crafting menu.

Elements are a good thing to call crafting materials, but their names could also have something else to them. They're a little too sterile as 'Element A/F/O/etc', I know every game uses jewels as materials but the principle of some tangibility to what items ARE stands. Playing a game may be about getting the right numbers to go up, but if they're not dressed up as something else it isn't fun to do so.
A label of how many or each element I'm actually holding during crafting would be great too, since I don't know how much of my resources I'm using in making things.
Some way of using potions on the inventory screen would be good too, if I only want to use the one potion it's a bit of a hassle having to set it to a quickslot first.

On the field, the trees seem to have a bigger collision box at the base than they look like they should have, making walking around a bit clunky. I also see the position to check the z-index against the y-position is a bit off for them, and possibly other objects.
It might be worth checking out the grey rock sprites at the bottom of the first screen, too, as it looks like part of it looks like it shouldn't be transparent.
Interacting with things like chests looks to be something only the wizard can do, since I couldn't hit 'E' until he was close - either that or the interaction box is a bit small.
It's also a surprise that an edge of the screen with no obstacles isn't actually a path you can go down, but just the edge of the map. I'd like to be stopped by rocks or trees rather than just it being the edge of the camera.

I also have to admit I had no idea what Potency potions do as when I used it on the field nothing happened. I tried using one in battle and it increased the spell's usage bar, I guess? As I played more it looked like whichever spell the wizard used most often changed his 'mode' to that element, which would be interesting to make use of if I could do anything but wait and hope for him to use the right spell for the enemy or force-fill the bar myself with a limited supply of potions.
Regardless of what the mechanics really are, there was no indication as to how battles are actually played and so trial-and-error and possible even completely false conclusions are my only ways of moving forward.

The potions themselves don't seem to be too effective as single-use items, I found to actually fill my HP I'd have to make about four higher-level healing potions, and for the normal-level one you learn at the start it's so much more. It's practically worthless to make the starting-level potion at all with the amount it heals.
If the point is to make a lot of potions, it might be worth letting the player have a whole bunch at the start to let them play around and find out how effective they are without wasting their resources. As it stands, I see why enemies drop a tonne of elements now - I'm gonna need a LOT of potions.

At the end of the day, it doesn't feel like the wizard requires much help at all to fight, unless the 'help' is just feeding him a tonne of fire/ice potions so he actually starts using spells of the appropriate element. But if that's what he needs and not just a suggestion, it doesn't feel like helping. It feels more like trying to get around a luck-based mechanic, which may be what the game is, but it doesn't feel fun to play as I'm not really playing.

As far as bugs go, dying in battle and killing your opponent in too close a time period sends you back to where you were before the battle before loading your save, and text that alerts you to saving/loading isn't synced with the camera so you can move about around it as if it were a field object.

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