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Author Topic: Join a small online dev team  (Read 466 times)
Active Mars
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« on: December 18, 2020, 02:17:17 AM »

Most development teams don’t get to the point where they release or even complete a single title. In my experience of joining several groups yet still having not completed a game that I didn’t make solo, I think the biggest problem is scope. with no promise of pay it can be hard to stay motivated, at this point the only encouragement is success in the form of seeing a completed project and being able to play a functional game, regardless of the quality. the buzz from this can really push you forward and progress can lead to progress.

The problem here is that a lot of the indie teams you find online have production times of months, if not years. this means that the odds of maintaining momentum through to seeing a completed game are pretty slim. So here’s my thinking. I want to get a group together to make small games, one or two weeks of production time each. I don’t want to come to you with an idea yet no proof that anyone will even want to play it when it’s done. I want us to treat these short productions as just concept art, a proof of concept. over time we’re bound to come up with an idea that is crazy fun to play, even with only two weeks of development and crappy visuals.

So that’s the idea, we go through short projects, scrapping whatever is scrap and recycling our great ideas into the next project, continually forging forward until we find that one great concept worth putting more of our time into.

Regardless of whether you have years of experience in the industry or honed your craft in private and never put your work out there, if you’re looking for something to spend 60 hours a week doing or can only spare an hour or two a week, this team needs you.

we aren't recruiting at the moment, keep an eye on this post and we'll keep it up to date.
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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2021, 01:09:53 AM »

How is this different from a hackathon / ludum dare?
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