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Author Topic: Operators - Tactical, Turn-Based mercenary game  (Read 110 times)
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« on: December 22, 2020, 09:11:45 AM »

Hello TIG, I want to share my pandemic-quarantine project I started in March this year.

You can download it here:


It's a game inspired by XCOM. Back in Feb. I was playing a heavily modded XCOM campaign when it crashed and refused to continue my save. This is when I broke down and decided to just make my own game experience.

This is a turn-based tactical combat squad-based single player game.

You play as a group of mercenaries traveling and doing jobs, making money and recruiting members.

There is a cover system a'la XCOM, tile based movement. There is an AP system for simulating time units, and a recoil-ballistics simulation for shot accuracy.

The weapons have firing modes which augment your accuracy per bullet.

Your units grow over time through the Combat Experience system. For example if they hit long range shots often, they will gain long range experience and can purchase the relevant skills and unlock new abilities.

The game is very much an alpha prototype with bugs, game balance issues, placeholder UI and assets, dumb AI.

There is currently no main mission storyline, only missions you take for money.

Feedback I am looking for

  • Does the combat feel good and snappy? Is the combat tactically engaging?
  • Are there any "war stories" you can recall throughout your play?
  • How far did you get in terms of building your roster and missions?
  • Would you keep playing this?

I'm really open to all feedback. It's been a fun 9 months of development and I need some outside opinions, thanks!

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