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Author Topic: Nut Smasher  (Read 89 times)
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« on: December 29, 2020, 10:35:36 AM »

(I posted this in the devlog section, as it is such, but I am also hoping for playtesting!)
Hello All,

I am trying to bring my silly game, Nut Smasher, to the app store and android store! I will be asking for playtest feedback here and posting updates.

The most recent build is accessible at: kirijo.itch.io/nut-smasher

Currently, I am updating the start screen and game menus!

The start screen was like such before:

After some feedback from my roommate, I have changed it to this:

I would love feedback on how to make the screens look more concise!

I am still working on the "in game" menu, it looks like this after lerping up from the bottom over the frozen gameplay:

I will post more updates as I go along.

Would love both general and specific playtesting feedback so much! I will soon be posting two separate builds to itch.io that utilize screen shake in different ways. Would love to get people's thoughts on what kind of screen shake they like. The downloadable NutSmasher 1.3 is the one to be playtested, not the one that plays in the browser, that is NutSmasher 1.2.

Abby Yaffe
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