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March 03, 2021, 09:52:16 AM

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Author Topic: Fallen Angel: Hell Survival Development Progress  (Read 103 times)
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« on: January 17, 2021, 06:53:49 PM »

Hi Folks,

OK so for a few years I have been developing my PC Survival Game in Unity mostly all by myself with the exceptions of a bit of paid freelancer work when I was able to afford it.

It’s at a stage now where I am comfortable showcasing its progress in Gaming Forums like Steam, but alas I was not welcome there as I was accused of Advertising and censored, even though the game isn’t for sale yet.  Nice way to treat a potential future client, so anyway now here I am in the segregated developer community instead, where most gamers probably don’t think to look out for future games.  If anyone knows of any actual gaming forums where Indie Developers are welcome to showcase their work without accusations of Advertisement and Censorship, I would be grateful if you could mention them.

So a bit about the game…

Fallen Angel – Hell Survival is a First Person Survival Game in early development for the PC. Set in Hell you play as a She-Devil with amnesia sent to hell from the heavens for reasons unknown. There you must survive and hopefully one day, find a way to escape. Scavenge, Mine, Hunt, Fight, Craft, Build and gradually discover a way to defeat Baphomet and escape hell with a portal you construct.

My idea for this game is to make something similar to Minecraft and 7 Days to Die, but get away from the overused setting of Zombie Apocalypses in the Wilderness.  I want a Survival Game that moves into a very different setting and merges with a Fantasy based setting like that of the Elder Scrolls games.

It will be Singlepayer focused, although I might consider a Coop Multiplayer mode if a Multiplayer Savvy Programmer comes on board.  But will see.

Fallen Angel Hell Survival - Intro To AI and Combat System

This is a Development Update Video for the Fallen Angel Hell Survival Game.  Introducing the AI and Combat system that I have recently completed.

Fallen Angel: Hell Survival... Tree Harvesting Update
In this video I demonstrate the new Tree Harvesting System I have built, including the New Plasma Fruit and the plant that grows it.

Fallen Angel Hell Survival UPDATE: Introducing the new Hesicasial Character

Here I introduce the new Hesicasial Character for the Fallen Angel: Hell Survival game currently in Development.


Fallen Angel: Hell Survival - Early Development Presentation
In this Video I demonstrate where I was up to in the early stages of developing Fallen Angel: Hell Survival.




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