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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperDesignTips on designing an engaging business tycoon game
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Author Topic: Tips on designing an engaging business tycoon game  (Read 1427 times)

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« on: January 19, 2021, 06:43:54 AM »

I have been working on a tycoon game for some time now but I have been stumped on nailing down the core fun factor of the game

The concept is basically similar to Lemonade Tycoon. In my game, you manage a Food Truck instead of a lemonade stand

The player is able to manage/unlock dishes, ingredients and other upgrades to facilitate in the service of each sale day.

Gameplay loop :

- Plan what dishes to serve for the day

- Begin the sale day and observe customer feedback

- Adapt and make changes in planning phase again to maximize customer happiness and increase sales

After numerous play test and iteration of the design, most play testers are still confused on how to attract more customers each day.

Attracting more customers and maximizing sales are the key objectives of my game but I can't think of any fun ways for players to do so. I am avoiding having too much "Upgrade fluffs" like purchasing advertisement or buying faster cooking utensils etc. I feel that that should be a way for players to make smart decisions or use their skills to maximize efficiency of each sale day

Some elements I have considered so far:

- Tinkering with each dish recipe

- Freshness of the ingredients

- How long each customer waited for it's order.

The game is still sorely missing that core fun factor. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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