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Author Topic: My Baby, Toy Kingdom 2  (Read 93 times)
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« on: March 18, 2021, 02:21:35 PM »

Hey y'all,

My name is Leo. I don't really know what to say, this is obviously a shameless plug about my game; but I'm super proud of it. When I started working on the first iteration in Toy Kingdom 1, I wanted to make sure the movement mechanic was smooth. This time with Toy Kingdom 2, I wanted to implement a combat system. I'm honestly, very proud of the work, and know I will continue to develop as a developer. Anyways, hope you check it out!

P.S. Had a ton of fun making the Trailer!


Toy Kingdom 2 is a Fast-paced, relentless first-person combat sandbox game full of magic and dinosaurs in a 3D procedural generated world.

Play as an action figure that has landed in a mysterious world. Gain the ability to harness the power of lightning, fight back against hordes of Velociraptors and other deadly creatures. Play your own way, at your own pace. Collect all the protons to win!

Key Features

Procedurally Generated Worlds

Each game is a new map! Your luck will play a factor into how generous or unforgiving Toy Kingdom will be.

Combat System

Locate the lightning stone to gain the powers that will help you fend off and defeat the aggressive threats that aim to assert their dominance on the natural hierarchy.

Improve Your Home

Collect powerful protons and return them to your keep to improve the quality of your home and defenses.

Win in Toy Kingdom!

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