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Author Topic: [For Hire] Senior Game Developer and Game Designer  (Read 100 times)
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« on: March 27, 2021, 02:27:25 AM »

Hi everyone!

For the last 12 years, I have been working mostly as an indie game developer and collaborating with other indies which gave birth to more than 20 games in various styles and genres. Right now, while waiting for the investment for the next big project, I’m looking for part-time or full-time remote work.

I have experience both in game design and game development/programming. I directed and developed many games by myself, so if you are looking for someone that can lead or deliver the whole game development, I might be interested as well, it depends on how big the project is.

I have the most experience in Unity and C#, but I’m also pretty experienced in Game Maker, HaXe, and ActionScript 3. I don’t have so much experience with Unreal and Godot, but I can adjust pretty quickly.

My most recent projects are Serious Sam: Tormental and Rocking Pilot, both of which were released on Steam.
Please check my complete portfolio here, which I built by myself by editing Vlambeer’s presskit: https://www.kristianmacanga.com/

As you can see, I'm the most experienced in the action and shooter genre, but I also have experience in other genres as well: platformer, racing, match 3, trading card game, online multiplayer, puzzle, etc.

8+ years of experience in game design and game direction – game mechanics and systems, combat design, game feel and feedback, level design, enemy/weapon/upgrades design, stats progression, game progression, game balance, mission/quests design, user interface design, theme development, lore.
12+ years of experience in development and programming in various languages and frameworks - gameplay programming, project code structures, performance optimization, custom frameworks, object-oriented programming design and patterns, level editors, animations and special effects, user interface, physics, frontend – backend communication, cross-platform & multiple resolutions support, porting from one programming language to another (C++, ActionScript 3, C#, Haxe), experience with various APIs, Github, Trello, etc.

Game Director, Game Designer, Game Developer
Croteam, Zagreb, Croatia (Unity 3D, C#)
• Directed, designed, and developed Serious Sam rogue-lite game with the idea to innovate and challenge similar games in the genre – Nuclear Throne, Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon.
• Led team of designers, artists, programmers, musicians, sound designers, writers, marketing department, towards the goal vision.
• Game design responsibilities: core game systems and mechanics, combat design, mission/quest design, content: 100 monsters, 60 weapons, 120 powers, 30 evolvable gun perks, 50 quests, user interface (inventory, HUD, various encyclopedias, etc.), 9 bosses, stats progression of players and enemies, various playstyles design, difficulty progression, game balance, unlockable progression, etc.
• Developed gameplay throughout the iteration process following the feedback received from playtesting.
• Heavily involved in every part of game programming, from core code structure, gameplay, scripting, UI, to editor tools and automatization.

Game Director, Game Designer, Game Developer
Mad Head Games, Novi Sad, Serbia (Unity 3D, C#)
• Designed and drove the vision and implementation of features and game systems.
• Game design responsibilities: core game systems and mechanics, combat design (enemies, weapons, power-ups, pickups, etc.), 42 missions across 4 unique worlds, 16 score missions, 4 survival challenges, user interface design, helicopter upgrades design, game balance, unlockables, difficulty progression, game controls, physics, etc. (I was the only game designer in the project).
• Ported the vertical slice version of the game from Flash (HaXe) to Unity3D (C#).
• Programming: I was the only programmer in the project so I developed everything by myself.
• Directed the Mad Head Games team in the creation of art, music, sounds, and narrative.

Portfolio: https://www.kristianmacanga.com/
Contact me: [email protected]

Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to your email!
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