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Author Topic: LootLocker, the game backend for indies  (Read 2822 times)

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« on: April 20, 2021, 05:49:54 AM »


We are Alexander, Andreas, and Tobias from LootLocker (www.lootlocker.com), a new game backend platform designed for indie developers. We’ve been around for about a year now but wanted to wait to talk more about the service until we had a few games using it (which we do now)!

We’re posting here as we’d like your feedback, to answer your questions, and generally get a better understanding of your needs and challenges when building games. We want to make the best and most helpful service possible, so please be honest with us Smiley

First, here’s a little bit about LootLocker:

Why Indies?
As former indie developers ourselves we know the challenges first hand of building games with limited resources. We also know that gamer’s expectations continue to grow, wanting games with more features and depth available on more gaming platforms; putting more pressure on small teams to deliver bigger, cross-platform experiences. Because of this, we have designed LootLocker to provide a wide variety of features that are all cross-platform and can be implemented and launched completely for free!

That being said, our focus on indies does not mean that we can’t support big games, big teams, or high player counts - LootLocker is designed to scale to match any game’s growth.

So, what does LootLocker do?

Content Management
Use LootLocker to manage in-game currencies, content (cosmetics, drop tables, loot boxes, rentals), small game files (e.g. game config, images, icons), cross-platform DLCs and the relationships they have with your players. LootLocker also makes it possible to support User-Generated Content in your game, including tools for moderating and curating the content.

Player Management
LootLocker opens up the possibility for cross-platform player accounts that can store player inventories, wallets, and other data like key/values, blob data, or file store (e.g. save game files). In addition to this, LootLocker helps manage these players with gifting and refunds, and a messaging system to post messages in your game (about updates, new content, etc).

Game Systems
Finally, LootLocker supports a handful of systems that can be used in your game to save time and make your life easier. Systems like leaderboards, achievements, progression, and collectables don’t need reinventing every time you make a game and can be more easily managed through LootLocker. Other features like character classes, triggers, and missions can add additional functionality to your game and make it more dynamic.

Well, that’s what LootLocker does! It’s totally free to create an account and launch your game with, and you only need to start paying for the service when your game passes 10,000 active players each month.

If you’re interested in using LootLocker, or just signing up and playing around with it, head over to lootlocker.com/sign-up

You can also find all of our documentation at lootlocker.com/documentation

And of course, we have a Unity SDK and an Unreal SDK which you can download from our GitHub repository.

So, what do you think? Is this something you could see yourself using? Is our pricing fair? Are there features that we missed? What are your challenges when developing games?

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LootLocker is the indie game backend that unlocks cross-platform game services so you can focus on making great games. Save development time and launch your game with LootLocker at no cost.
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