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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Rev-share] Yami is Recruiting!
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Author Topic: [Rev-share] Yami is Recruiting!  (Read 459 times)
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« on: April 21, 2021, 11:28:20 PM »

Project Name: Yami
Program/Language: [Unity using C#, version 2020.2.0F1, GitLab use for version control.]
Roles Required: [Concept Artist, Programmer]

Unity Programmer
This position requires knowledge of git and or Sourcetree as well as some experience working on a team and reading others code. Knowledge of debugging as well as scriptable objects and inheritance. We really need someone who possibly has experience with AI and working with git.

Concept Artist:
We are looking for Artists who can create UI and Main Menu Concepts, Area Concepts, Boss Concepts, if you are also skilled with pixel art that is a plus our tiles are 32x32 based and animation style I can show you when you apply.

Here is out Pitch Document also the GDD will be shown upon being chosen

Here is our teaser trailer

Recruiting New Members Form:
(We will Email you after we see your form unless you state another form of contacting)


1. Trello is used for organization
2. Git and Sourcetree: to share the project and work on branches
3. Google Drive: to share files and documents
4. Unity

As well feel free to join our Community Discord:

What is Yami?
Yami is a pixel art 2D co-op Metroidvania adventure game, which focuses on the player discovery, through the usage of platforming and solving of puzzles, as well as uncovering lore of this world. Players will be able to control two brothers, Yuyo and Yuki. Both of whom possess the powers of Yami, but whereas the elder brother Yuki obtained a pure version, his younger brother Yuyo’s magic is corrupted.
In order to save Yuyo from the corrupted magic within, Yuki joins his brother in a quest beyond the safe borders of their city, seeking a desperate hope to find a cure somewhere within the Empire of old. Should they fail, Yuyo’s life will be overtaken and fade into the corrupted Yami. The world they traverse is teeming with dangerous creatures and traps alike, but through their bond, as brothers, they will explore the Empire, discovering clues and gathering precious information to find a path forward and a cure for Yuyo.
Do we have GamePlay Yes check our discord for more info!
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