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Author Topic: The Alchemist Alekki, Run a potion shop and save time!  (Read 64 times)
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« on: May 02, 2021, 08:17:40 AM »


This is a game I have been working on as the sole developer for nearly 4 years and it is finally launching tommorow on steam! It's a game about a girl named Alekki who runs a potion shop and gets caught up in a mystery where time itself has split into pieces and she will need to fix it!

You make a variety of potions in this game in multiple different ways. One way is to merge to items together and then sell the resulting potion in your shop. This will also require you to pick a target audience for that potion which will effect it's sell chance and price.

Another way is to use the items elemental properties to create potions people need right away! Each Ingredient has a mixture of 4 different elements. People will ask for potions with a specific elemental mix and your job is to put the ingredients into a pot until it has the required amount of elements to be sold!

To get the ingredients for your potion (And to save time itself!) you will have to venture out into the time-merged areas and defeat enemies that will drop the ingredients you can use. Powerful boss enemies will be at the end of each area and will drop the ingredients required to make a potion to fix the timeline!
A playable demo of the first area is also available now

Wishlist on steam!
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