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Author Topic: Looking for help on a visual refresh for the upcoming game : Hive Defender  (Read 58 times)
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« on: June 11, 2021, 02:26:34 AM »

Hive Defender is a top-down RTS where you control and customize four independent alien swarms, and try to defend your home - a procedurally generated and fully destructible labyrinth - from would-be human invaders.

The PC exclusive game is primarily a single-player experience with around 15-20 hours of planned content, but there are also plans to include online cooperative multiplayer in the future. The game is primarily skill based, and progress is experienced not just by unlocking various visual upgrades, but also through the unlocking of both passive and active “perks'' which serve to modify and extend the abilities of each swarm. In this way, each swarm might focus on a specific task, such as defense, high speed flanking attacks, burst damage, etc. Each active ability (including the ability to create new aliens) costs some number of a universal resource called biomass, which can only come from killing enemies, or by eating away at the walls of your own hive. That means that in order to mount a successful attack, you have to eat away at your own defenses.

A good devlog to help understand the current visual style :

As of right now, there's only about 1-2 months worth of work (so expect 2-4 months) for the single-player portion to be feature complete (minus tutorials), and for us to start a closed alpha for player feedback.

I like the current art style, especially the fonts, alien forms, etc... but I really need a refresh / update on the walls, background, particle effects, maybe pathing effects, etc. I'm going for a "geometry wars" kind of vibe, although with a bit more focused visuals and less "diarrhea Christmas lights" everywhere.

Open to revshare and payment plans.
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