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Author Topic: BattleJuice Alchemist - Action RPG with deck-building mechanics  (Read 121 times)
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« on: July 02, 2021, 01:21:42 AM »

Hey everyone!

I'm Alain, an indie dev from Germany and I make the game BattleJuice Alchemist. It is a singleplayer action RPG combining classic top-down combat with third person bullet time. You explore a dark procedural world, learn ritual magic, solve riddles, craft alchemical potions and combine them in deck-building-like fashion to fight the demons overrunning the lands.

If you want to find out more, here is my obligatory introduction post and of course the BattleJuice Alchemist DevLog on TIG. Or simply watch the trailer for the alpha playtest here:


Unique Items ans Skill System

- Loot and Craft - No armor, no swords, just flasks. Find them, craft them, arrange them in a "deck", which you randomly draw from.

- Unique Skill System - Flasks are your skills. Some of them have powers attached that drastically change their effects when used, which allows for various playstyles.

Explore a Dark World

- Procedural Landscapes - Levels are created procedurally. No playthrough will be the same unless you pick a specific seed. You can change seeds and keep your character.

- Dark Lands to Discover - Daytime and weather effect combat. There are treasures and dark altars to find and secrets to uncover.

Engaging Combat

- Classic isometric ARPG action - Classic top down view gives a traditional action RPG game feeling.

- Close Combat with Bullet-time - Close combat encounters are fought in third person and bullet time. You can decide which way of fighting you prefer.


Joining is pretty simple: Head over to the BattleJuice Alchemist Steam page, find the "Request Access" button, click it and you are good to go. Btw. I disagree with people saying that games which are posted here and already on Steam are in a state where playtests won't help shaping the game. At least for my game, this is definitely not the case.


There is a survey after 1h of playing or finishing the main quest and I would love as many people as possible to answer it. You can continue playing afterwards. If you want to talk to me more, just do that here or on Discord. I'm excited about the playtest and looking forward to talk to some of you about it!
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