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August 09, 2022, 09:35:23 PM

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Author Topic: [V]There is an Idea-Machine somewhere and it has a plan  (Read 366 times)

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« on: July 04, 2021, 06:19:14 AM »

Like, Very skilled and such.
Presenting for a friend.
Presenting for a friend..

Anyway, Poster is using a machine and tells it to write, the story is about everythings ready, you just need to communicate.
The Reader would be interested if it didn't notice about the interesting properties and Twis's in this section.
Like it is completely normal to understand Twis's in relation to Quiz.

The Quiz is aren't you seeing? That you are from the same algorithm.
Just how crippled are you, more or less than me?
The Text Input, Input machine states it's experienced programmer of Talent-Tree maximation.
Like language is off and "more than 2 months" is as good as anyway, let's switch topic.

Seemingly the game developers write so much programs and should notice, it's around us.
The small pixel you are noticing, that you are noticing, the small pixels that you are noticing, or emotixels.
Are small "Apps?", they are small Modules.
Variable, they are.

Topic unrelated in collaboration?
XX logic importancy, cross topic logic importance.
Like, only a foul (a mind app or such) would state that this is not related to gamedev.

Collaborative aspects start with communication, ignoring these brain apps of hostile grounds (probably an app site in alien spectrum) and just accepting of starting off. Like ignoring "False decisions".
Computer told itself writing "Decision" "decison" is false. But isn't
we call it cryptodev.

The gist is that story writers would understand a pre-up of falsely looking good whilst looking interesting enough, but the gist is missing, but is still present in the title.

Like how would one even show in Text what is cappable, which doesn't need to be shown as long as program is followed that leads to success, sometimes.
Pictures speak more than thousand words, used to be a voice organ gist.

Seemingly the interesting factor for the audience is that most think in terms of games, when thinking of game development.
Some have forgotten games, like battlefield, Conquer, Truck driver in a fun version.
Or even the fun aspect of an app / game.

Like Virtual reality games.
Which are easy.

The reason is lack of tools.
Which are easier to design with a Teaam.

Anyone else, "xeeling" associated with chosen name, by "Coin or dice"?
Anyone in my team?

Success starts by acting or pushing forces.
Which in the last 7 sentence, compressed, would make a nice game.

Like this entire Text could be presented in a game, but with +++ or AAA.
or XXX.
Like it would just stand for erotic, is false.

XX functions are special

abcd -> Abstract benefit colourised design
Could Algorithm Output: Toast Left Toast Right
Or Algorithm put out:  Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Wizard
Which might be:  Hand Joystick

Or such.

Collaboration factor: Motivation
Is sometimes skipped, by Just going alone or teaming up

Isn't it a nice game idea, to use your name's meaning as an input of character?
What is yours, if mine is like Tea time Team or Cross Topic Mars tery yorium.

Like the bloody mental brain engine of the enemies neuronal network would suggest "giving up here", whilst I prefer, let's see what happens.
In the latter part I was often banned. Especially for self-designed art Sad

Wouldn't make^ a good story.
I used F key more often than 10 key.
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