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September 27, 2021, 11:00:51 PM

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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytestingDungeon Runner - A some what new concept for a game
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Author Topic: Dungeon Runner - A some what new concept for a game  (Read 115 times)
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« on: August 26, 2021, 04:50:10 AM »

Dungeon Runner is a mobile (Hack&slash) game. I made it as a project in my summer holidays with a friend. Sadly we did not get to finished it in time, but i'm trying to convince my internship business leader to give me more time for it Smiley ... Okay enough personal talking you guys are here to test games ofcourse!

https://we.tl/t-eYgqSBjQAa <- download , dont know how long you can use this link. i will update it on the discord Smiley

The idea of the game is simple, start runs, kill monsters, get loot, kill the boss, level up and so on.

You will level up by killing the boss, that has an 10 second timer on it. When you level up all the enemies will get stronger, and you will be able to get better drops.

If you did not accomplish to kill the boss, dont worry! you can just start another level and get better drops so you get stronger! Hand Metal Right

This is the main menu where you can play the game

The Start button will start a random dungeon, there are 5 in total ordered by rarity : common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. The loot is not really diffrent in the levels, except the visuals.(I will add this later)

When you click on the inventory button you will be send to your inventory ... duh

The top 5 squares is where your equiped items will be, the middle square is the item you have selected and the bottom squares are your inventory, you can scroll through it with your finger.

You will get item drops by killing enemies(You can kill them by clicking on them), the pigs in this case. You wil get a random rarity drop, just like the dungeons.
I also added diffrent drop sounds so you can hear when you get that Juicy Legendary item!
I will also add more enemies.

You can find your item drops in the bottom squares in your inventory, by clicking on it you will select it.
Selected items will show the name and stats of that item, also it will compare the stats of the curently equiped item.
You see 2 little buttons(I know way to little for a mobile game!) right of the selected item. With these you can equip or discard the selected item.

I did not really know the best way to send the file, so il send my discord channel for this game where you can download it!
Also i will give some more instructions on how to install the game on your android, because im not sure if everyone knows how to. Im also willing to help people in a call Smiley

I would really appreciete any kind of feedback on the game! I know there is alot more to do, but i want to know if the game is fun and if people think it has potential in the current market! The game will be free in release Smiley
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