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Author Topic: Causa Project - A Guerrilla Warfare Strategy Game  (Read 118 times)
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« on: September 13, 2021, 11:41:07 AM »


Causa Project is a game about leading a guerrilla army to victory against an oppressive military junta set in a fictional South American country with a cold war-era aesthetic.

Causa Project is currently in early development. If you would like to follow along with updates, you can find them at the Causa Project discord server at https://discord.gg/eZYACzUxtS, here on the Itch page or on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVPFtvl5r5ajPYdfA7BkSw/featured


Imagine X-COM 2's overworld gameplay, but entirely focused towards strategy and logistics rather than on in-mission tactical gameplay. However, players will still have to develop their fighters over time, as for the majority of missions players will be sending out small forces of randomly generated guerrillas that will gain experience over time. Players will become attached to their best fighters, and will think twice about sending them on a risky ambush.


Players will start with almost no funding, weapons or manpower, and will have to build their way up. The end goal is to have a vast number of activities that players can complete, from organizing protests, rescuing prisoners and placing moles to ambushing convoys and taking over cities by military means. The majority of funding will come from the support of the population in zones near your camps, or otherwise from taxes that can be levied on the occupants of a town that you have taken and currently hold. Be careful, however, as the military junta will try to take it back, and you will always be outgunned in a straight-up fight. Raids, ambushes and other hit-and-run tactics are essential.


The game will be centered around a cold-war era aesthetic, mimicking society of the 70s and 80s in many Central and South American countries that were stricken by political instability during this time.

Planned Features

- Overworld map in which player can send guerrillas out on missions, gain intelligence, and organize logistics for their movement.
- Random guerrilla generator to make your fighters unique and memorable.
- A military junta that will fight you back at every turn, and will hunt you down when you cause them too much trouble.
- A reputation system in which your movement can gain international support or sanctions based on the actions you take during the game.
- A cold-war era rebel aesthetic with vectorized art and typewriter newspaper headlines

Other Information:

Causa Project is being developed by a solo developer using the Godot Engine, and is planned being made for Android and iOS at first, with a PC, Mac and Linux release sometime after. The reason that it is being produced primarily for mobile devices is because the scope of the game lends itself particularly well to mobile devices, and simply because that is the way I personally would prefer to play it. Everything on this page is subject to possible future change.
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« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2021, 11:43:13 AM »


Devlog #1: Map Mechanics

Welcome to Devlog #1 for Causa Project! This one will be focused on the map mechanics of the game

The UI

First off, here is a look at the game's UI! I decided to start on the UI early in the project since it will be what the player is looking at mostly (besides the art) and because it was bugging me. On the top left you can find your funds, manpower, and reputation. Funds will be used for general purpose things in game like purchasing weapons and buying supplies to give to villages for support. Manpower represents the available population that you can recruit from that lives in your camps. Reputation represents your international reputation as a guerrilla group, and will increase or decrease depending on your choices and the results of your operations.


Instead of using tiles, the game map will be comprised of provinces, each with various settlements and installations that the player will be able to interact with and run missions in. During each month (turn), the player will receive various missions that they can complete in provinces they have a camp in as well as surrounding provinces. Each province will have a provincial capital which will determine ownership of the province, as well as infrastructure and stability values, which together will determine the military government's responses to your actions. Also, each province will have a terrain type (image art still needs to be created), which will have a large impact on both the success chance of certain types of missions as well as the types of missions received.

The Guerrilla Screen

In the screenshots is a first look at the guerrilla squad screen! This screen represents your current fighters which can be sent on mission. It is still a work in progress and the art needs to be made for it, but you can already see in this screenshot that you can recruit new guerrillas with randomized stats (combat, escapability, and stealth) from your existing manpower.

That's it for this devlog,  I just wanted to show off the progress over the past couple of days. Next up on the menu will be more art, wrapping up the guerrillas screen, and laying the foundations of missions! If you would like to be considered for alpha testing or want to follow the development of Causa Project more closely, feel free to join the discord at https://discord.gg/fmBHVW3Yae
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