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Author Topic: [For hire] UE4 developer C++/Blueprints  (Read 110 times)

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« on: September 14, 2021, 10:11:12 AM »

Hello. My name is Denis, I am a UE4 developer with 3 years of experience. I am open to new projects. Please do not disturb me if you are an individual or your team is looking for volunteers, etc. Only paid projects. Only projects with investments or commercial studios and teams.

My resume:

Denis Sopov, UE4 developer

Goal: get remote work as a game developer using Unreal Engine (C++/Blueprints)

Occupation: programmer.

Game developing using Unreal Engine4 experience:

In 2018 I started to learn and work in the Unreal Engine environment. I learned basic concepts, features, network communications, started programming game mechanics using Blueprints and C++. I participated in the development of indie RTS game with team of volunteers, learned UE4 programming, git and teamwork. Then I joined a bigger team of experienced developers to develop action RPG FPS on a position of a game mechanics developer.


I worked for 2 years in a team of 15 people on the development of a multiplayer cooperative action RPG FPS.

My work was focused on developing gameplay logic - developing game systems like weapon systems, dialogues systems, quests systems, interactions between pawns and actors, simple AI, UI.

I was responsible for:

-creating gameplay logic and systems

-network interaction and replication

-bugfixes and refactoring

-creating and modifying animation blueprints

-profiling CPU and finding causes of low fps, optimization

-particle effects integration

-sound integration

This project has not yet been announced, so sorry, I cannot provide any screenshots, videos or code samples due to a non-disclosure agreement. It is planned to be released next year.

My skills in UE4:

-I know both C++ and blueprints

-I know and understand commonly used UE objects and classes:. Uobject, Actor, Pawn, Character, Character movement component, Player controller, Gamemode, Gamestate, PlayerState, Hud, Camera, interfaces, UMG widgets, Event dispatchers, hit, line trace, arrays and structs, garbage collecting, spawning actors, vectors, work with render targets, good knowing network communications (RPC and actors replication).

- skilled in writing structured and well commented code;

- skilled in understanding other`s code.

- skilled in finding effective solutions, work for result;

- analytical skills for finding the causes of unexpected behavior in the software. Debugging code. Optimizing performance.

- git, svn, trello;

English level: intermediate (travelling around the world for many years, communicating with people in English)

Overall experience:

From 2001 I worked as an accounting systems programmer in many companies. I was developing accounting reports using SQL, automating business processes of various companies. I was also involved in developing logistics programs, programs for automation of the collection of sale orders using mobile devices. In addition, I developed programs for monitoring the movement of vehicles using GPS sensors and data, HTML websites and forum using Pearl language as well as created stock exchange robots for automatic trading on MQL4 and C#. I developed gateways for interaction between accounting software and government accounting systems and configured data exchanges between various programs using XML.


North Caucasus State University (1998-2003), specialist`s degree in engineering and programming


Phone/Telegram/Whatsapp: +79624424325

E-mail: [email protected]
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