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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[REVSHARE][PAID] - Indie studio looking for a 2D ARTIST
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Author Topic: [REVSHARE][PAID] - Indie studio looking for a 2D ARTIST  (Read 449 times)
Gamex Studio
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« on: September 17, 2021, 03:57:51 AM »

Hey all,

We're Gamex Studio, an indie studio from Slovenia. We're developing games for 6 years now, and have been lately transforming our work from web games to PC. We're currently working on a new game that will be releasing on Steam and other platforms in the next year, and we are currently searching for a designer for this project (if we find the great connection in the project, we are open to be partnering for next games as well;)).

About the game:
* currently in the prototype phase
Forestator (not final name yet), is a minimalistic strategy game about reforestating wastelands. We took inspiration for this project from games like Islanders, Terra Nil and Dorfromantik, and we are looking to bring a new art style and some fresh takes on some of the mechanics of these highly engaging, fun & relaxing games!

*to get clearer insights into the project, here's the link to check out the prototype:
LINK - Forestator (*confirmed prototype)

Who & what are we searching for?
- 2D designer
- familiar with the UI/UX design
- experience with sprite animations is a bonus (not urgent)
- should be able to follow core art  and complete game requirements below

The game's core art requires:
25-30 different types of vegetation/trees/bushes
5 buildings with “reforestative benefits”
5 grid types (dirt, land, desert, water, ditch)
5 Landmarks/static objects: (houses, roads, cities, mountains, rocks)
Object selection UI, placement/indicators UI
Additional animations if needed, some wildlife...

Complete game requirements:
- a minimum of 100 elements (buildings/plants/grids), however about 40% of these are variations. If our early marketing converts well we have plans to expand to 200+ assets, to expand the game's potential and quality.

Other Design Specifics
Forestator has a Top-down 45° oblique view, and has grid-based mechanics.
We'll be looking to create seamless transitions between different grids/landscapes and are ideally searching for a consistent art style that would make the vast array of vegetation and landscapes pop with a relaxing and beautiful vibe.

Art style:
we don't have a final art style yet as we're open to artist suggestions, but 2 of the styles we're mostly leaning towards are:
a) A more abstract/”Cartoonish” (IMG)

b) semi-realistic (IMG)

c) Other – we're open to more unique styles if we'd find them interesting and fit the representation & be visually appealing and work with presenting unique trees/environments well

We have limited budget, but as we have past experience with releasing games we are confident this will be our best release to date, and we believe that working primarily on a revenue-share model with an artist helps us bridge our lack of upfront budget, encourage both parties to do our best and be properly rewarded for it.

Our budget is limited, but we'd be happy to talk about various payment options/combinations – especially if you are passionate about a project about land restoration and could help us elevate the quality of the game, we believe this can be worth it long term for both sides Smiley
 We also have other games with similar styles in our backlog that we'd very much like to find a longterm artist partner for!

Release Date/Development timeline
- first art style samples within a month – mid October
- core art – by latest November (to begin marketing, public playtesting,…)
- Minimum viable product of the game – end of 2021
- Full Game release planned for – Q2/Q3 2022

Our beliefs
We believe in fair, friendly & enthusiastic work environment and mutually beneficial collaborations so would love to work with similarly-minded people. While we love experimenting and making cool & unique games, there's bills to pay and we develop our games with profitability in mind, so we take marketing seriously to increase the chances of a high upside for both us, and whoever chooses to share this path with us Wink

Where to apply?
Send us a PM or contact us via [email protected] with any additional info about your previous work on any other game project.

And feel free to asks us for more information about anything yourself Wink

Currently developing Isletopia, now available to wishlist on Steam:
Steam Page 
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