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Author Topic: Ghost hunting Sim Game | Looking For Unreal programmer Blueprint/C++  (Read 476 times)

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« on: September 23, 2021, 02:44:46 PM »


I am currently looking to get a prototype out within the next year for a Paranormal Ghost hunting Game/Sim. The goal is to take real world haunted locations and re-create them in a digital space. This way they can be both preserved, teach fans of the paranormal of the locations, and teach those interested in paranormal how to gather evidence. My hope is that some day as the technology develops is to go to these locations with a 3d Scanner and scan the environment into Unreal 5+ with the new tech for creating detailed and true to life experience. 

The Core mechanics:
- Being able to take a picture and receive a score based how well it was Taken (Aka Pokemon Snap)
- Record live footage and then store it in a location to be reviewed and allow documentation after the investigation and then score the payer based on if they were able to find substantial evidence or not
- Recoding the environment on a digital recorder for later review
- Detecting ghost presence with EMF, Rem Pod, etc... which can be review later if not located in the same area the items were placed.
- Also receive points based on positioning of objects/cameras based on the levels research or initial spotting's.
- Multiple Advanced AI that can spawn in as different forms at random and cause effects to the items around the environment including the player.
- Possible Sanity meter mechanic, or some level of danger, but no death. 

Once the prototype is done, I would like to share it with the paranormal community to see if we can pull a producer/investor to help back the project and go full time with it. GDD is still being written and nothing is set in stone. My main focus is to give the opportunity to players to learn, and have fun with out fear of real world consequences.

- Understanding of programming logic
- Willingness to learn
- Works well with others in a team environment
- Communicates regularly and is able to commit to tasks
- Any Examples or prior work is a plus, no professional experience needed 

Who I am:
My name is Jai, I am a creative designer. I have worked on small game projects in college. I attended the Academy of Design and Technology for video game design between 2008 - 2012. I am proficient with 3dsmax and learning blender. I also work as a logo/graphic designer on the side. Currently a full time employee for a IT company working from home.

Please post if interested and I look forward to the responses!

Thank you,
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