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Author Topic: Collaboration for an MMORTS Browser-Based game  (Read 210 times)
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« on: March 01, 2022, 10:25:14 AM »

Discord: EnvisionAR#3432

Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and for a while I had been looking for places to collaborate on an inspired idea I had for an MMORTS game.  Although this is planned to be an UNPAID COLLABORATION please take the time to read through it all before making a decision.  It would mean the world to me and I always appreciate input about this idea even if you are someone who prefers to get paid.  

This game that I planned on creating would be similar to the game LAST KNIGHTS (lastknights.com).  I spent a lot of time playing it and its previous successor but there was a lot about the game that I felt was missing and there was always so much work put into constantly balancing and rebalancing units and fixing minor errors.  Not much in the way of advancing the way the game is played overall.  It could be because they want it to stay that way and that is what inspired me to want to create a game that would start off simple enough and, overtime, transform into a full-fledged fully interactive and animated game.


Royal Armies is meant to be a game involving a non-fictional Medieval Fantasy World where you are a commander of your own army whom you must train.  Given many different units to choose from, based on the strengths and weaknesses of each civilization, a player can train an army that is best utilized in a certain a way.  You, then, use these armies in attacking and capturing cities as well as participating in PvP around a large continent populated by enemy civilizations and individual armies.  Each civilization (or country) has a balanced number of actual players who have the ability to combine their armies together to form a larger force to fight against the enemy.  In this game a keen sense of the layout of the land, smart use of move points, wise decision-making, strategical implementations, strong leadership and more are encouraged in order for a civilization to grab the upper hand on their goal of conquering the majority of a continent.

Each civilization has the opportunity of appointing a leader who will help guide them into victory.  That leader can then appoint board/council members who will help with maintaining the victory path for the civilization.  The end game conditions, based on the possibility of game modes, involves anything from a points victory where the civilization with the most war points in the end wins, to a conquest victory where the civilization with the most captured cities is victorious, to a controlled victory where the civilization with the most controlled outposts come out the victor.

I have a lot of ideas I have envisioned for this game along with spending what little I had on having artwork done.  If you guys can envision what I am envisioning, myself, I believe you too could see this becoming a huge success even if it starts off with a simple look and simple mechanics.


Above is a map I paid to be made toward the game.  It introduces two continents.  North and South Amnek.  The story behind these continents still need to be polished but I have the brainstorming out of the way and notes written down at least.  There are multiple named locations on the map that have been purposefully created so that players can not only get involved in the gameplay directly but also in the LORE that is planned for this game.  In The Last Knights there is no such thing and that is one of the reasons why I find the game a little repetitive with little to no change happening.  I want this game to appear as if it is progressing through time rather than remaining frozen in time.  

I want to see things like a storyline that players can become intrigued with and engaged in.  I want to see a plot.  I want to discover artifacts.  I want to fall upon secrets.  I want the map to be altered over time due to the events that take place in the LORE.  I want to see the world evolve as the players are given new units and new continents to explore.  I want their personal goals to be that of exploration and discovery OVER simply trying to reach a victory condition.  I want them to be matched with a grand challenge to become the ultimate civilization but I want MORE for them to enjoy the discoveries and mysteries that need to be explored.

This map illustrates what type of terrain you can expect in this game that will effect the way each civilization chooses to fight.  Each civilization can be met with positive or negative effects based on the terrain they find themselves on.  so they will need to be careful and move with great caution as they progress through enemy territory as well as their own.

Below are images of banners and their abilities.  As part of the LORE for this game, a single banner can be chosen at the start of an AGE (AGE in other words would be like a "Round" or "Match" or whatever).  This will give a single player a small boost to their army/civ capabilities based on what they choose.  I thought about setting it up as a civilization banner to effect all players within said civilization but it wouldn't leave much room for those who prefer to play a certain way.  Such as those who prefer to play as strong PvPers rather than simple rankers (PvC - Person vs City).  Giving each player the option of a banner would help influence individuality and hopefully encourage greater strategical awareness toward utilizing armies in the best manner possible.

The True War banner has flourished as the mark of
unending victory for many seemingly one-sided battles. It
is the sign of a strong and ferocious army that does not
allow for injury nor fatigue to stop them from pressing
forward. Being blessed with the Rune of Valiance this
banner, when equipped, unlocks the full potential of a
player’s army.

- 50% chance of injured INFANTRY units attacking
twice during a battle at 50% of their base HP
- +7 Attack increase toward all infantry units
- +3 Attack increase when facing armies of greater
rank in PvP

The Sachiel’s Blessing banner has been known to bring life
back to many lost souls. It is rumored to have been blessed
by an Angel through the power of the Rune of Revitalization.
This Angel is said to have favored the conquest of any nation
who sought peace over war. Because of this, a healing aura
was placed over these banners and whenever they were
used in the midst of battle the Angel would gift life back to a
number of all fallen warriors.

- 30% chance of 50% of all injured units being revived
after a battle
- 5% chance of granting a temporary +50 hp boost to
a portion of the army after a battle
- Small chance of receiving 3 additional move points

The Emerald Barrier Banner has a historical reputation for
maintaining an almost impenetrable wall of defense against
any opposing army. They are even known, oftentimes, to
cause a stalemate when faced against even the strongest of
armies. Said to have been discovered by a retreating
paladin, the Rune of Fortification was then used to bless
these banners with its ability.

- 15% HP and 25% Attack increase when defending
against a PvP army of same rank or higher
- When stationed on a fortified city or capital instantly
receive +250 DEFENSE HP
- +2 bonus on Mountains Terrain

Known as the Merchant Flag of Ultimate Trade, Fortune’s
Gratitude has been passed down through generations of
wise and profitable tradesmen. After being passed off to a
merchant who was gifted in magic as well as trade he
bestowed upon this banner the Rune of Hinshuro. Since
then, this banner has proved to be a vital part of many
countries' residential and commercial growth.

- Receive a small amount of currency at every tick
based on rank
- Receive 50% more victory currency after any battle
- 3% reduction cost toward all expenses

The perks for these banners are not set in stone and is more to give you an idea of what type of perks the banners would unlock for the players.  I also plan on adding more banners once the game is playable and as time progresses and follows through the storyline.

I am, not at all, an experienced game developer nor would I even consider myself an amateur.  I am an inspired writer looking to see my visions for great content come to life.  However, I can not do that alone.  Without the necessary help, my ideas will remain ideas.  But if you see a future in this project and want to be a huge part of its creation then I can finally realize the true potential of something I have put so much effort and poured what little money I had into it.

Can you envision this game?  What are your thoughts? I hope you will consider collaborating with me on this project.

Thank you!
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