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May 23, 2022, 10:38:07 AM

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Author Topic: QR Soccer - 'Roll'-playing action sports  (Read 138 times)
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« on: May 12, 2022, 10:47:02 AM »

Welcome to QR Soccer demo taster.
There's an awful lot of things planned for this novel sports game so here's a quick taster of how things work, including the dice throwing / tactics sheet and a brief peek at the QR Studio intro.
We plan to keep updating as regularly as possible, in the coming updates we will show the actual game in progress as we add an opposition team, goals/nets and a ball! (this version is for familiarisation of the planning and movement of team members for those with an  Blink out for the football itself).
Then it will be onto implemetation of players, their stats and their transfers and league tables.

The crowd itself is on the way, more on that and your own interaction with it soon, and the actual players will feature soon; for now the demo shows their Cubic forms used in dice roll-movement.

The TV Studio will also expand and add more dialogue and character to the presentation.
QRS is aimed at being a community game with lots of involvement from the players, feedback and comments appreciated (as we expect a few queries as to how this game plays, why it does certain things and what is the end game we have planned).
Online League tables to chart your season.
Novel strategic approach mixed with intense action.
Transfer Market; buy and loan players.
TV Studio coverage with news, reports and analysis via presenters/reporters and news tickers.
Lots more...

We hope you stay with us as the big kick off approaches...

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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2022, 02:25:35 AM »

QR Designs:
QR Soccer overview

(all screenshots are work in progress examples)

A rundown of the planned Browser game QR Soccer, a WebGL/Html5 standard game.
The game will offer some novel and exciting features, some traditional and others a little offbeat but all part of an experimental approach as differing styles of game are merged.

The QR system is planned as a gaming platform, with different games added over time. The games are initially sports team-based (Soccer, American Football, Baseball etc) as well as takes on traditional board games, with ongoing scores, league tables etc kept online. The launch game is QR Soccer, a thoughtful, strategy based game with a novel mix of dice throwing and arcade style action.

Free-to-play. No money outlay needed, all purchases optional. These include new players, new stadium updates/stands etc and is geared towards he ongoing nature of the game; ie upgrade, collect, improve season on season.

A retro feel is used for QRS, with Voxel-style graphics for the players and environment. Starting with a Voxel pitch with small spectator Stand, the manager aspect of the game sees your success shown as Finances (outgoing/incoming), attendances (rise/fall with teams success) and overall Board approval. Success and the subsequent spending ‘money’ (all virtual) is then used to upgrade the basic Pitch and ground amenities with improved versions, better stands and extra seating tiers, better floodlights etc.
The in-game graphics style reflects that of the gameplay; while awaiting input the players are individual players, Voxel in style but with their own characteristics and features (below). On a players dice throw they turn into Cubes to roll into position/formation and expand into their Voxel style again, set against a board game-style Grid.

Team Players as cubes awaiting movement instructions

A ‘Tactical sheet’ is used alongside the dice to help plot the movements of the players, adding to the strategic feel to the game.

A novel, unobtrusive advertising system is planned; using pitch-side advert hoardings with animated sponsor logos as well as sponsor signs on stands, like those seen at real venues. This has rarely been done before so is very experimental, running alongside more tried and trusted methods such as traditional IAP for Players, Ground upgrades etc
• More revenue income options are:
Stores: Online store is Integrated to the Browser app, allowing purchase of players and ground extensions/in game goods.
Features: Amongst the many planned features are: A QR-code scanner for squad additions. Using the webcam of the modern laptop, users buy player ’cards’ similar to trading cards seen in other games to enhance the players squad.

A work in progress QR Card scan; Each Card will show full Stats/Attributes.

Further features of QR Soccer include a toon-style live football TV show presentation of the game along with latest scores and news tickers adding to the  ‘Saturday Afternoon Sports’ experience TV show.

Some of these features can be seen in the demo, others to follow with regular demo updates.

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