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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperBusinessLaunch and review press contact - same time?
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Author Topic: Launch and review press contact - same time?  (Read 1894 times)
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« on: May 16, 2022, 08:14:38 PM »

I’m a bit curious on how to contact press at the points of previews, game launch and review. It seems these three points in time can be pretty close together, so how to do that? My concern is: can your contact with the press become too exessive?

For my game that i’m currently developing I have come up with a very unique marketing gimmick that I believe a fair amount of the press will pick up on. That gimmick is to be the main “selling point” and main story for the game launch.
Beside that I will have a more traditional review submission.

I imagine that you send out the game launch press release (+our gimmick) about a week before launch, clearly stating when the game is out.

When do I send out review submissions? Does it take place at the same time?
What if it’s a media with multible journalists? Do I contact X for the game launch and Y for the review or X for both?
What about individual bloggers, should they get game launch and review submission at the same time?

My main point of confusion is that there serms to be an overlap in time between game launch announcements and review submissions - how do you handle that?


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