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Author Topic: Inspired by Monkey Island™  (Read 114 times)
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« on: June 05, 2022, 01:15:41 AM »

A Point & Click Choice-Driven Story
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Ninja when you were little? Come on, at least once, we know you did!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone were forced to do it against their will? This is Unfortunately Ninja, a graphic adventure that will take you to more than 150 locations, where you will meet strange characters, and if proven worthy, a loyal companion as well.  Available in Italian and English.

The story so far

It is late in the evening in Hikari, Japan. Year 1992.

The silence of a full moon night is interrupted by a sequence of heavy footsteps, then the noise of a broken door. This is all Akio was able to hear while in his room. But then he realised the noises were coming from inside his own house! He ran downstairs just in time to see three men disappear in a cloud of smoke, holding his unconscious mother. They were clearly Ninjas!

Looking at an old photo gives him the idea that to ask his grandfather for help, he is definitely the right person for the job since he is the master of a ninja academy in a nearby town, and also, surely he would want to save his kidnapped daughter.

So Akio jumps on the bus on a quest to find his grandfather and fix this mess... but it will certainly not be easy...

We know we must deserve your trust, and for this reason we have decided to give you a very long demo of the game, amounting to almost 4 hours of gameplay, in which you will be able to enjoy and complete the whole of the first chapter which is all we have developed so far. Available in Italian and English.

The game is based on the 9-verb interface we loved in Monkey Island and Thimbleweed Park.

The reason is simple. With some exceptions, modern graphic adventures use the left and right mouse button, where the left is "the action" and the right is "examine". While this speeds up learning the dynamics of the game, it greatly limits the player's imagination.

A lever can be pushed or pulled, an object can be given to an NPC or used on them, just as grabbing something is different from using something. You have no idea how many different things can happen, especially in a game like this where what you do and say can change the game dramatically.

In short, we believe that the old 9-verb interface method makes everything much more entertaining and makes for good variation and replayability.

Three Different Endings
In this game dialogue choices matter, characters will remember what you say to them and act accordingly. We want how to inspire a sense of uncertainty about the outcome of your choices, because the consequences of your actions will hit you sooner or later.

Your choices can also unlock new characters and hidden locations, plus puzzles can be solved in multiple ways. It's up to you to choose whatever best suits your personality.

Old School Pixel ART Game
We chose pixel art for a blast back to our childhood and enjoy, once again, that nostalgic feeling that memorable games like Monkey Island and "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" inspired within us back in the day - when you didn't need super 3D cards to run a game, and dozens of floppy disks were piling on your desk waiting in line for the adventure to progress.  But that was the fun of it, remember?


In this game you play as Akio, a teen who loves graphic adventures, and overnight you will find yourself catapulted deep into Japan in search of the mother kidnapped by mysterious deadly Ninjas™.

Giant cats, weird characters, wise grannies pouring tea, and the inevitable demons of Japanese tradition will accompany our hero in this point-and-click adventure that deliberately recalls our favorite game: Monkey Island, for its humor and interface.

A trip worldwide, from Japan to China, from Transylvania to Venice, to become “unfortunately ninja.”


14+ gameplay hours
3 different endings based on your choices
40+ Non-playable characters
150’+ locations
locations changes based on your choices
50.000+ lines of dialogues
characters and world changes based on your actions
original art and assets
custom sound design
original beautiful soundtrack composed by professional composer
Available in English & Italian
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