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August 09, 2022, 03:21:52 AM

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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[RevShare+Equity] 6month project recruiting 2D animators, programmers.
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Author Topic: [RevShare+Equity] 6month project recruiting 2D animators, programmers.  (Read 121 times)

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« on: July 20, 2022, 07:52:00 AM »

Originally, I had a project that I wanted to execute as a solo-gamedev. However, parts of the game that involve in-depth stylized animations are sort-of out of my reach, and would significantly be done better by someone with an artists eye. I also wanted to consider running with at least another full-time partner to actually nail down this project into a 6month cycle (instead of soloing it for 24 months). At this moment, I feel that a team of at least a fulltime pair of programmer + 2D animator would make this project reach better results. Myself running fulltime, with part time animators can also make this work in 6months. I'm also willing to team up with programmers who want to work in Unity. I pretty much have licenses + tools for the gamedev pipeline. I can also offer pro-licenses to Spine for animation. Unity will be the game engine, with some C++ work coming from me (specifically for game networking and Spine integration code).

The game project is a 2D twinstick RTS. It's mechanics will be the median of 2 design extremes : picture one end of the extremes being a bullet-hell game where you control only 1 single ship, versus the other end of the extreme being a Starcraft-like RTSs, where you control multiple units and multiple buildings. The games design will be aimed at controlling a small squadron of ships, toggling between multiple top down views and switching between multiple control interfaces easily. This game will have RTS combat mechanics, and aims to be console-portable (I'm designing all the controls through a PlayStation + XBox controllers). Target markets will be Windows 10, Android and PlayStation.

Art assets have already been compiled + curated for this game project, which means there will be very little 2D art asset illustration. Most of the 2D artwork is primarily making 2D rigs of mecha modules. This project will also focus on mecha and machine animations, from a 2D top down perspective. There will be no humanoid animations involving character skeletons, face animations, etc. All the animation focus will be geared towards mechanical parts, or towards environment effects.

The schedule for the 6months for the project will specifically be for game development of a playable prototype, with as much polish as possible. After the end of 6months, the project will be published via early-access. We may start pursuing other means of funding for the crews salaries (Crowdfunding, VCs, etc). Part-timers and Full-timers will be welcome to join the studio as full-time staff once funding has been cleared. Before we publish, the 6months of development will aim to have a viable multiplayer prototype, and from there we start growing our gamer community.

This project isn't just looking for revenue streams, or sales. I'm looking for developers who want to organically grow a gaming community, and to have a continuously stable source of releases.

This project will not have any NFTs, crypto, lootboxes, etc.

This project will be ideal for the following kind of indie-devs :

- gamedevs who are looking for a 6month development cycle, to produce a brand new IP

- people who can commit a full-time schedule (40+ hours a week), and don't need funding upfront. Equity shares in the LLC + profit sharing contract for people who can commit to this level of work in the project.

- people who can commit part time hours (15+ hours per week). Profit sharing contracts available for this level of commitment

- 2D artist animators who don't mind working with Spine
- programmers with a few years of experience experience in Unity and C++ most welcome

email [email protected]
discord roguestar#0420
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