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Author Topic: 3d Low-Poly Modeler/Indie Games Dev looking for work!  (Read 122 times)
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« on: July 22, 2022, 06:05:08 AM »

Greetings! Douglas Simpson from BWI Games here! I'm a Solo Indie games dev with two self developed and released games to my name (I.O.R.C and the much newer Sel-Quinta, The Six City Quest), and looking to put myself out there to take 3d Modelling commissions both for games/3d printing, or potentially other games development work!

I've focused primarily on being a jack of all trades (somewhat required when you're going solo) so can take on almost all aspects of game design to some degree, art, writing, design ect. However 3d modelling has been the aspect I've probably done most of, and I have experience both making models for games and for physical 3d printing, both resin and PLA. Focusing even further, I've primarily done lower poly work on machinery and vehicles. I work in blender for 3d work, and have developed in both Unreal engine and the RPG Maker engines (specifically MZ and VX-Ace) for games work.

Pictures speak a thousand words as they say, so here's a few examples of previous work!

Firstly, a ship homeworld fans will recognize, a Vaygr Fighter replica! This is the oldest model I'll be sharing, made for an old university project to replicate the ship based on the concept art.

Next up, some previous paid commissions! These were made for the Indie game known as Waves of Steel. These four ships were low poly renditions of real world warships-from the top down, the Japanese Akizuki Destroyer, the English Battle Class Destroyer, Cruiser HMS Belfast and the Bridge of the King George Vth battleship. You might notice there's no guns-this is because they were already modeled and the commissions focused on Superstructures, Hulls and funnels primarily. Some are also missing some superstructures or similar elements-this is because those had already been modeled for other similar vessels.  All models had Collision meshes as well and I am happy to include these in any commission work. Additionally they were modular, allowing them to be used on multiple in game vessels or the player's own customs ships.

Fleet of Space Debris used for I.O.R.C. Kept low poly as a fairly large amount of debris could theoretically be around at any one time. Each ship could be broken up into multiple pieces, and had individual collision meshes for each piece. There were two main forces, the lightweight "Drone fleet", the ships at the front of the image and the navy vessels to the rear. The drone fleet ships were modular and could have their components exchanged between ships to allow for additional ship layouts.

"Hero" ship, intended to be a forward facing, fast flying charger of a vessel of the sort the main characters would use! Both this and the next ship were intended to be made for an "Advance Wars In Space" style game idea I've had floating around and had to have their main role be immediately obvious, despite the on screen models likely not actually being very large.

And of course you need to have a villain to go with it! This one was designed as the polar opposite, a long range sniper of a craft based around a heavy primary weapon of some kind and heavy armour, built vertically rather than length-ways.

Now, some of the 3d modelling projects I've done! Above is a render of my "Similar to but legally distinct from" Armiger Warglaive, based on the Warhammer 40k model of the same name but intended to still look noticeably unique.

A set of Cyclopian footsoldiers! This is about as close as I get to modelling humans normally and I'm happy to take on requests like these.

Their jet-pack equipped, much heavier cousins!

Quad-Bike with a hefty gun turret for when you need to go a bit faster and hit a little harder!

Motorbike based squad leader, for going *even faster still!*

And lastly, a hover speeder for a bit more punch, on flight stands.

Hopefully these images give a good idea what I can do on the 3d Modelling side of things. In terms of the other work I'm willing to take, I'm also happy to take commissions for Proofreading/writing. Feel free to DM or ask in this post if you've got any questions!
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