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August 18, 2022, 06:54:15 PM

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Author Topic: SuperDog Man - A Puzzle / Nervous Platformer game  (Read 272 times)
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« on: July 26, 2022, 07:08:59 AM »

Hey everyone,

For a couple days, i've managed to get back into game design. I have some kind of addiction for all old fashionned side-scroller game and for puzzle  and while i was playing Ori and the Blind Forest i had an idea about a puzzle-platformer  game. To keep things organised and a dev trace (even if i end up to cancel the project).

What's is about ?

You are SuperDogMan and you are lost between dimensions. It's 2d puzzle-platformer game in which you will have to solve high-speed puzzle across levels.

What's the current state ?

So i've started this a few days ago. The first thing to choose was the engine and i've decided to pick Unreal Engine. I think it's a fun tool to learn and interesting because UE is primarly 3D oriented, so give me some interesting perspective to work with.

I've started a fresh BluePrint project, using some internet tutorials to handle 2D projects with UE.
The seconds step was to find some sprites resources to get started. I ended up to download some common resources that i will replace with my owns later.
After a few hours, i had a working bootstrap ! Unreal is really cool, no major pain to build a 2D game for now (except for collisions , because you have to be constrained by a capsule collider in which your sprite is contained)

Today, i've managed to start Pyxel editor again to make SuperDogMan. I've used some guides to get a good looking result.

So, i've a hero, a working blueprint project, so next step will be the first level design !

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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2022, 02:24:48 AM »

Hey Everyone,

Here is the first update of SuperDogMan.

What's the current state ?
Last time, i said that i will begin to start level design but after a few hours, it was obvious that i had to rollback  some elements because i was lacking of knowledge of what is possible to be done and what is not. So i managed to work on something that i called "top engine", that will handle every aspect of game design. So let's talk about it because i pretty sure that when i talk about "puzzle nervous platformer game", it might sound a little bit blurry.

Actually, the game loop is pretty  simple. You will spawn at A point and you have to reach B point. To do this you will have to unlock to path : closed doors, lever, platforms etc. But you have to do it at high speed, because there is speedrun components. Every levels will have 3/4 paths and each paths will have ratings (A,B,C and S+). If you want to "complete" the game you will have to "S+" every level to get the "real" ending.

To complete each level, you will be offered some standard vanilla skills : double jump, dash, wall jump etc. Every time you will use a skill, it will consume some energy. So you have to be carefull of your skill usage to avoid energy depletion !

"Rocket Launch" Skill, energy usage !

Every time you will enter a level, skills are resetted and energy restored

See you next time !

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« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2022, 02:52:17 AM »

An interesting and brave engine choice for a one-person(?) 2D game. But I’m sure it will be a rewarding (yet frustrating) journey.

Are you using UE4 or UE5? What I’ve understood (and I might be wrong), UE5 pretty much removed all the 2D templates as well as Paper2D support.

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