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November 28, 2023, 11:53:59 PM

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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Unpaid] [2 Programmers] Looking for Programmers for a 2D Platform Combo-Fighter
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Author Topic: [Unpaid] [2 Programmers] Looking for Programmers for a 2D Platform Combo-Fighter  (Read 898 times)

Wisp Vessel

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« on: August 15, 2022, 08:04:17 AM »

An Introduction

Hey! My name's Kai Sorensen, a pixel artist/animator.  With a small group of passionate developers, we're working on a 2D Pixel Graphics Platformer/Combo-Fighter hybrid called the Misbits. This game features a cast of four playable mercenaries, each utilizing the same basic combat mechanics with unique twists. Mixing a combo-fighter, platformer and skill-based gameplay together, we aim to create a system that's challenging, rewards knowledge and keeps you on your toes. Below are a few character animations and a mockup (not to-scale) to give the general feeling of what we're going for.

Note: Images attached are still in development stages and not in-game environment!

An additional shot of a more 'rendered' scene can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/T93pYah
This scene was rendered in by 'Kedds' in Blender, and foreground sprites were made by me with Aseprite.

What will 'Misbits' offer?

So glad you asked! To break it down, we're mixing elements of level design seen in Mark of the Ninja with simplified fighting mechanics from games like Guilty Gear: Strive or BlazBlue Centralfiction. The player will control a cast of four, each utilizing a skillset with their own twist. Throughout each level the cast will have segments dedicated to their playstyle, and once complete, will pass control onto a different member as if passing a baton. This is to keep the sense that the cast is moving as a team, actively working together to complete a job.

Enemies will be string-based and adaptive. If the player becomes too used to a particular string, the enemy may swap to an alternative set in attempt to counter this. You must stay on your toes and read the enemy! In order to keep this fair and fun, not only will enemies give clearer indication on their next move, but their placement will act as a puzzle in itself. Using free-form combos, you'll be able to manipulate the playable cast as you see fit with a non-strict combat system.


What are we looking for?

We're looking for two programmers who can work in tandem; One for setting up the gameplay and environment, and another capable of making tools for development.

Position Requirements:
• Must be 18+.
• Dedication for a long haul and an understanding of how much work goes into making a game.
• English-speaking. (We unfortunately only speak English.)
• Experience programming Platforming, Combo-Fighting and AI.
• Have work to show as proof of experience!
• Honest communication and team skills. If something doesn't work, say so! We'll work as a team to iron it out.
    ○ Most importantly, speak your opinions. Even if you're not experienced in other fields, outside input is especially important to further your own (and others) perspectives.

Tools Needed:

• Tile-based level editor, capable of handling both foreground and background objects, and implement puzzle pieces (sliding/destructible assets, movement-based pieces like falling weights and zip lines, character-specific assets, etc.) as they come.
• UI editor, capable of implementing sprites with entity dialogue, choices, emotes, options and 'shop' options, and key in where and when they'd occur.
○ Other tools that may come up along the way.

Our Team consists of:

• A Writer
• A Pixel Artist/Animator
• A Concept Artist
• A Blender Artist/Animator

Full Transparency:  We're still very new to this and by no means professionals. Our plan of action is as follows;
• Create basic assets for the initial game environment!
• Build on the base assets, assemble them into the games first level!
• Work out kinks, and work towards a finalized 'slice' of how the game will look and feel.
Using this new foundation, we'll assemble the rest of the games content!

Though this project itself is unpaid, if it makes it to the market we'll establish Revshare percentages based on workload. It's a shot in the dark, but it's what we're able to offer.

Meeting Times: We have two meetings on Discord weekly, Tues. & Thurs., 7:30pm EST. Sessions generally last between an hour to a few hours before we break off and enjoy some games for the night. We're all employed folks (working free), so meetings are not required but it's the best time for discussion. You're free to discuss and work outside of meeting times whenever you'd like. Full flexibility.

Goals: Aside from game development, we're a small Indie group, and we want to backup our portfolios and experience. We aim to establish ourselves as a proper Indie studio and continue to create content. Games for the sake of good games. It's a tremendous amount of work, but we've got the willpower to conquer this mountain.

To Apply: If you're interested in joining in the project, or have any questions, shoot us an email at: [email protected]
Alternatively you can add me on Discord for any inquiries as: Ϗubomi#7574

Looking forwards to seeing you!

Note: This application is not an official job position, and does not provide income as of this post.
We are merely a bunch of creative minds coming together to make video games.
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