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October 01, 2022, 07:19:59 AM

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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Rev Share] Forming a team to work on a NES style action platformer
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Author Topic: [Rev Share] Forming a team to work on a NES style action platformer  (Read 163 times)
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« on: August 16, 2022, 05:21:35 AM »

Hello. My name is Andres Baksai, and i'm the developer of Arion's Break, a new NES style action platformer inspired by games like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, and recent games like Cyber Shadow

I've been working on this project alone for about 3 months, and i think it's time to professionalize the development by building a development team.

I've created a devlog of my game which has been updated regularly:


and here's a video that shows a playable demo of what i've done so far:

As you can see, the game is a platformer with a NES style aesthetic, similar to Shovel Knight or Cyber Shadow. The game story involves greek mythology on a contemporary environment, so there will be a lot of monsters and creatures, castlevania-style

My profile is to be a programmer, so i have that area of expertise covered. What i'm looking for is:

- Pixel artists / animators
- Game designers

The requirements for the available positions are:

- People with experience of Pixel art, preferably with notions of the NES graphics palette / specifications in order to emulate the NES graphics aesthetics
- People with experience with Game design that have worked on previous projects
- English or Spanish speakers (preferably spanish since it's my native language  Tongue, but i speak fluid english too)

I'm not gonna lie: the project is long and ambitious, so i need people to be passionate and commited to finish it. With a team of 4 people i've estimated that the development would last about 1.5 - 2 years

As right now i'm not in condition to pay for work, the short-term objective right now is to plan a Kickstarter campaign in order to obtain the necessary funds to finance the project

Also, the revenue from the game would be shared equally between all the team members. The idea is to form a solid development team for future projects to come  Toast Left

Those who are interested in joining the team can send me their CV at [email protected]

Hope to see you guys!
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