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Author Topic: 3D OpenGL Game  (Read 451 times)
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I make games using Java

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« on: August 26, 2022, 04:41:10 AM »

About this game
In this still untitled 3D game (any title suggestions are welcomed) you find yourself in an unknown dungeon where your goal is to get to the trophy.

However, finding the trophy is not going to be an easy task, because you will have to fight against monsters, find buttons and pressure plates, discover rooms, unlock new weapons and in the future also avoiding traps!

Find buttons and pressure plates to unlock rooms and parts of the map!

Unlock new items by opening chests!

Fight monsters and get the trophy!

You can play the game with keyboard and mouse and there are different settings that you can customize to improve your game experience, from the rendering distance to the FOV value. You can also toggle the VSync and the game can be set to fullscreen mode.

The tech side and where to follow this project
The game is made using Java and LWJGL 2. You can follow the development of this project, not only here on TIGSource, but also on the game's itch.io page.

Where can I get the game?
You can download the game on its itch.io page (click to visit). The game is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux!
I would really appreciate your feedback, so, if you like dungeon crawler videogames, give this game a try!

Future plans
I would like to turn this game into a dungeon crawler. The base concept is already defined, but keep in mind that it might change during the development process as well as some other aspects of the game. The idea is to add new blocks, items, monsters and levels!

Thanks for reading to the end, have a nice day!
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I make games using Java

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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2022, 02:23:09 AM »

vPrototype b0.0.5 (Click to download)

itch.io Devlog
Showcase video

A new version of the game is here with three main new features for the game, let's discover all the details of this update!

Cracked Block
This is a special block that can be broken if hit by pressing the left mouse button. When broken, it will produce some nice block fragment particles, but more about this later in the post.

Arrow Trap Block
This is a block that can shoot arrows if triggered by a button or a pressure plates, creating traps that you should watch out for...remember that you can avoid activating pressure plates by jumping over them!

Bars Block
This block can be broken with a new item: the cutters! To break the bars you need to use the cutters on the block by clicking the left mouse button when holding the cutters and facing the bars. Here is how the bars look like:

Bars block

Broken bars block

The cutters are a new item that can be found in chests and you can use it to cut the bars block.

This is a new type of projectile that can be shot only by an arrow trap block.

​The guard is a new enemy that has a greater attack radius that the ogres. However, it has less heath points and deals less damage that the ogres.

Particle Effects
This is one of my favourite feature of the game so far, because they are very easy to customize! In this version of the game there are three different particle effects, but only two of them are effectively visible in the game:
Block breaking particles: this particle effect is shown whenever you break a cracked block;
Smoke particles: this particle effect is shown whenever an arrow trap block shoots an arrow or when the player shoots with a weapon;
Fire particles: this particle effect is implemented in the game, but not visible to the player, I still don't know what to do with it, but it looks cool!
Here is how they look like in game:

Block breaking particles

Smoke particles and the new Arrow trap block

Fire particles

I created a new system that makes the creation of a new weapon easier.
The shotgun shoots 20 fast bullets which will spread and deal more damage than a pistol. In this way you can try hurting more than one enemy at a time!


Attack and damage indicators
In order to make is easier for the player to understand when he successfully hits an enemy and when he is hit by an enemy two kinds of indicators have been implemented in the game:
Attack indicator: when the player deals some damage the game will show yellow cross in the middle of the screen;
Damage indicator: when the player is damaged by an enemy the screen will turn red for a few seconds.

Other changes:
• The game map has beed changed to host the new arrow trap block and an hidden chest containing the shotgun.

Fixed Bugs:
• With a high framerate the player could glitch out of the map;
• The kills counter broke when killing an enemy with the shotgun.

Creating particles for the first time has been really fun and I could implement more particle effects in the future!

Thanks for reading this devlog to the end. Have a nice day!
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