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October 01, 2022, 07:39:45 AM

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Author Topic: Composer for Hire  (Read 150 times)
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« on: September 08, 2022, 08:11:01 AM »

My name is Roger and I am an electronic musician for many years. I have worked on game projects and would like to do it again.  Gomez

My stuff runs a range of genres from house to techno to experimental to chiptune to I guess what you could call "soundtrack".  Anything I haven't already covered, assuming I was excited for the project, I'd get into almost any style, as I'm very adventurous.

Here is a link to my Soundcloud, I go by the name Topical Fruit Salad (sic):

Here is the service I am offering:

1. Show me either a playable prototype / vertical slice of your game or the finished product, and an idea of the style you're looking for.  Finished, playable sections or entire games are preferable.  Mention specific songs of mine or links to inspiration you have in mind.
2. If I take the job, we agree on a number of songs and their lengths and set a fixed cost for the entire project and a timeframe.  A contract will be signed.
3. I'll invoice you for an advance of half upfront.
4. We work in batches, to help maintain consistency.  I send you first cuts of several tracks at once and you give feedback.
5. I do revisions and polish up tracks.  Tracks can be revised / thrown out / restarted / repurposed as many times as you want, but production of the first cuts are prioritized.  If we expect to go overtime there's the option of extending the contract.
6. A certain time before end of the contract period, all of the tracks will be mixed, mastered, and delivered.  Minor changes can be made after delivery when reasonable.
7. I invoice you for the last half.

We can negotiate price.  So say you have a smaller budget, then I can produce with selling the album separately in mind and retain rights to the tracks.  I'm looking to write either music that isn't typical video game music, or is VERY video-gamey so that's a factor in cost too.  Conventional VGM is easier.  I'm really good at mimicking Koji Kondo and other Japanese composers - spent a good part of my childhood teaching myself all my favorite NES and SNES BGM's and trying to nail the style.  I have a bunch of unreleased tracks like that that I can show you if requested.

I can't give a set price-per-minute or price-per-track as it depends a lot on style and amount of desired experimentation and polish, reflected by price if you propose one.  But I could see a medium project of 15-20 songs ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes taking a month (longer is better but doesn't necessarily affect cost) and costing around $3000.  I'm still pretty unknown so my rates are low.

Well, thanks for your time and hope to hear from anyone.

Also, if anyone knows of any other good places for me to post this, I'd appreciate it!  I just lost my job and have some time to try some things out, and this is one of them.

By the way, I take a lot of my inspiration from classic games of my youth and I'm really passionate about capturing the feeling of older games.  I've evolved into more of an "EDM" producer rather than a pure videogame composer, but I think that thread still runs through it.

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