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October 01, 2022, 07:37:19 AM

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Author Topic: Need a level designer for a Metroid-themed 8-directional shooter  (Read 267 times)
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« on: September 16, 2022, 01:22:09 PM »

Update: I'll continue updating this post as I make progress.

Hello fellow game makers!

I am working on my first ever game! It is a Metroid-themed 8-directional shooter. This is obviously not going to be commercial. I'm just trying to make something that I would play, and I'm trying to build a portfolio. I've spent three weeks on it so far. I have implemented the following:

Fully-animated Samus character with 8-directional aiming. Also, some other objects.

On-the-fly pallet swapping system using shaders (Retro Pallet Swapper)

Tile and object-based collision system.

Projectile system.

Camera system.

Sound system.

Input controller.

Title screen.

Pause screen.

Test rooms.


The following is what I still need to implement:

I need to create enemies with AI.

A short cutscene to transition from Title Screen to the first room.

An ending cutscene.

A dynamic HUD (I have the framework for this in placeā€¦I just need some sprites for it.)

Three rooms (levels).

2-D lighting for more atmosphere

So basically, The story is Samus picks up a lifeform reading from a nearby planet she happens to be passing by. Her ship's AI points out that it has Metroid-like characteristics and recommends to investigate. So she lands on the planet to investigate. The atmosphere will be darker-toned, kind of like the dark world areas in Metroid Prime 2.

The gameplay will be similar to other Metroid games, but without the backtracking. Only forward progression. It is just one mission long. The first room (level, map, whatever you wanna call it) will  be filled with hostile alien lifeforms. In the second room, Samus discovers the Metroid-like creature, and there are lots of them. In the third room she continues fighting off the Metroid-like creatures followed by an ending boss fight. Then an ending cutscene will play out followed by credits.

The game is being made in Gamemaker Studio 2. I just need a level designer, and if willing, a sprite artist. I have a set of tilemap sprites that I have been using for test rooms, but I lack the ability to make a cohesive well-rounded map.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not looking to hire. I'm just looking for fans that want to help make a fun Metroid-themed game in their spare time.

Thank you! PM me if you're interested and I will go into more detail on what I have so far.

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