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December 03, 2023, 03:38:06 PM

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TIGSource ForumsJobsOffering Paid Work[PAID] Animator + Unreal Cutscene composer
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Author Topic: [PAID] Animator + Unreal Cutscene composer  (Read 3480 times)
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« on: November 20, 2022, 05:35:10 AM »

Company Description
I am Fabrice Magdanz aka Frece Gentleman, a freelance Game-Artist with about 7 years of experience in making own games and working in the indie game industry. I started working on my own Game 'Exodition' 2 years ago besides my work. Check out the Trailer:

The Game is already on Steam with a free demo and I am planning to release Early Access on early 2023. The game is about 60% done. So far I worked mostly alone on it, except of a few freelancers and interns I hired for several temporary tasks.

About the Game
Exodition is a third person platformer heavily inspired by Oddworld, Little nightmares and Rayman 2. You are playing a clow-human-like species and you have to climb up a giant dystopian cyberpunk city dodging countless deadly obstacles to free your wife. There are many strange alien-creatures and machines on your journey as well as a deep backstory to discover.

Job Description
I need someone who is able to animate in Blender as well as implementing these animations in Unreal to create an ingame cutscene. The Models + Rigs + Sounds will be delivered from me and there would always be some sort of script/or storyboard for the required cutscenes as well as concrete feedback.

In general it would be good if you know well about the fundamentals of animation as well as having a good sense for character movement.
Basic knowledge of Blender as well as Unreal is necessary.

Availability should be around 5 to 10+ hours per week so not too much. I have a mainjob beside my project and therefor the development may be a bit slow but steady.
Depedning on the success of the early access I could offer more hours, since i would also put more time into the project per week myself. After finishing the project (Roughly end of 2023) I have plans for a lot more projects so if the collaboration works well it would be a pleasure to have you on these projects too. Smiley

What I expect
- An Animation-Portfolio which shows that you have internalized the fundamentals of animation
- Discord connection with voice
- 5 to 10+ hours per week
- Solid Blender knowledge
- Basic knowledge about the Blender-to-Unreal workflow as well as some experiences with the Cutscene editor in Unreal
- A general interest for the project 'Exodition' and its setting

What I can offer
- Solid Payment per hour
- Concrete instructions and feedback from an experienced generalist with a clear vision
- A cool and fun project about half way done
- A lot more nice project-ideas in the future
- Increased payment if the early access launch is successful

If this sounds interesting, send out a message on my Discord (Frece#6766) with your Animation-Portfolio and some info about who you are, what you can and why you want to participate on the project.
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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2022, 09:50:39 AM »

Hope you are doing well!

I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at [email protected] or Skype me:live:lauren_8606.

Looking forward to your response.

Lauren W.
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