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TIGSource ForumsCommunityTownhallMiner Maxine - An action-adventure about rescuing your dog from wormpeople
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Author Topic: Miner Maxine - An action-adventure about rescuing your dog from wormpeople  (Read 618 times)
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« on: January 15, 2023, 12:07:32 PM »

Hi, everyone! I'm releasing my latest game: Miner Maxine. An action-adventure set in a cave environment.

Itch.io page: https://fraternitygames.itch.io/miner-maxine

Maxine and her dog friend, Borker, are enjoying the sunset when a wormlie warrior appears from a hole in the ground, snatching Borker right up.

You must help Maxine explore the caverns below, gathering gold, gems and items to use in saving Borker. You must find the exit of each level and find the emperor of the wormlies who is keeping Borker in a cage.

Talk to various friendly worm-workers and defeat the worm-officers to make your way to the emperor.

Explore 3 tilesets with 3 levels each. Use 5 weapons(Shovel, Pickaxe, Harpoon, Hookshot, Drill). Collect 6 types of items for crowd-control (French Fries, Bananas, Onions, Clocks, Scateboards, Anvils). Gather gemstones for passive buffs (Turquoise, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald).

I'll be working hard to release new retro-style games as often as possible, so be sure to follow if you're into that. Any support is well appreciated sense I am making all content in these games myself.

You can take part in this adventure for only $0.39 for a limited time! All proceeds go to making more and better retro games as well as supporting me and my family. Thank you all so much for your time! Have a fun day!  Smiley

Itch.io page: https://fraternitygames.itch.io/miner-maxine
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/ShakeyJakey2178
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