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October 01, 2023, 04:31:10 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a programmer on GMS to help me with our game.  (Read 1071 times)
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« on: April 26, 2023, 12:22:12 PM »

Shardscape (Loss, Friendship, Betrayal)

This position is unfortunately NOT PAID, yet at least! Compensation for this will likely be paid in full upon games release.

Please join this project if you are a passionate developer looking to explore your skills, and become part of this journey.

Shardscape is an adventure RPG game trilogy about a young girl named Lily who embarks on a dangerous journey to find her missing family and friends in a once thriving city, now post-apocalyptic world ruled by military organizations. Throughout the three chapters, Lily navigates through various environments and battles against enemies with the help of her companion Sophie, who she later discovers had betrayed her. As Lily uncovers the truth behind her family's disappearance, she faces devastating losses and must make difficult choices to ultimately find closure and hope for the future. The game features a blend of genres, including action, exploration, puzzle-solving, and emotional storytelling, with a focus on character development and immersive world-building.

This is just the brief description, for more detail you can post and/or DM me about it. If it does not make sense now, it'll make sense when I go into detail.


We already 2 artists already, we have made much progress after being in development for 1 week, such as:


Ready sprite and animations ready to be coded.

Character design and concept art

Road tiles finished!

Plot structure close to finished!

Miscellaneous sprites done and ready to go!


Me - Game Director, Composer, Writer, Dialouge Writer, Map Designer.

Cube - Pixel Artist, Sprite Artist, Composer

Mools - Artist, Character Designer



  A programmer that ideally has adequate experience in GameMaker, however any language may be viable.
Knowledge of the layout and feature of GameMaker
Able to import and export sprites, art and other items into the engine.
  Able to design and/or import custom UI/UX into the engine.

Add me at ox#5196 for more info and to be shown the progress made, or you can send me an email @ [email protected], I prefer discord as thats the quickest way to reach me.
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