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July 20, 2024, 01:55:03 AM

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TIGSource ForumsJobsOffering Paid Work[PAID] Looking for Pixel Character Artists (Positions Filled For Now)
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Author Topic: [PAID] Looking for Pixel Character Artists (Positions Filled For Now)  (Read 4406 times)
Unreal Leon

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« on: July 28, 2023, 08:47:42 AM »

Greetings! Leon here. I am a programmer who has been working on a project called "Unreal Fighter 2D", a 2D Fighting Game Framework made in Unreal Engine for years. And I have decided that it is time to make my own fighting game. Feel free to check my twitter (https://twitter.com/Achilleon_UE4) for more information!

I am looking for really talented and skilled pixel artists that can create high quality pixelart fighter girls.

About Game:

The overall scene is all about having planets ultra high-sci fi, humanity is spread out in the galaxy and they are pretty abundant both as good and bad guys. There are many companies that thrive on technology and fight for resources etc.

This also means there are many types of robots and machines but the most complex ones are the girls that are pretending to be teenagers but in secret being literal murder machines with consciousness. They will be doing missions, enjoying free times, taking care of themselves, murdering bunch of people for their companies and even fight with each other! Usual girl stuff you see. Grin

This is where you come in:

Game's artstyle will be akin to Capcom's pixel era of Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel vs Capcom and I am looking for people who can mimic the same art style. Our first girl's concept art is already done alongside a city by a background artist so you can get a feeling of what I am expecting. Links are below:

Who can apply / What to expect:

- I am solely looking for artists who can mimic the artstyle above and I want to see previous works of great quality animation. Anyone who has similar art and animation style (Street Fighter Alpha etc) gets very high priority.

- I do not need anything else such as background, VFX artist right now. Spots are taken.

- There will be a test to prove that the artist is indeed capable of both main and sub pixel (skirt and hair movement) animation. It is a simple sword swing animation and all the needed references will be provided.

Payment / Budget:

I can NOT use Paypal but I am open to all other ways of paying.

Budget is not an issue. I will always keep your offer per animation in priority as long as I get the results.

Legal Stuff / Future Plans:

I want the images to be only usable by me and my games. You can of course show them in your portfolios. While the project is mine, whether we become a team or not is what the future will bring! I don't mind to share it with talented people so they can make a living out of it just like I do.Smiley


If you are interested please contact via;

Here with a post.
Email: [email protected]
Twitter to DM: https://twitter.com/Achilleon_UE4

Thank you for your time and reading!
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