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Author Topic: Aeon Versus is looking for a few talented up and comers!  (Read 3494 times)

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« on: July 29, 2023, 08:53:47 PM »

The Project:

This will be an up to 1-year project to create an arena game for pre-release on Steam. The project is narrowly focused on creating two complete playable character types in one environment in a 1v1 battle. Think of it as the Dark Souls of WoW arena.

Development needs:

A talent tree system with two specializations--one melee, and one magic.
A PvP combat system.
A movement and mobility system.
A resource management system (stamina/mana).
Targeting, hit detection, and collision.
A simple matchmaking system.
Available Positions:

Game Designers (x2)
Conceptual Designer (x1)
3D Artist (x1)


Unreal Engine 5 proficiency.
C++ where applicable.
Strong passion for game development.
Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
Demonstrated skills in respective fields.
Availability for one weekly meeting with updates.
Willingness to dedicate time and effort to the project.

After this project is complete our mission will be, if you choose to stay with the team, to add:

An elo system.
A lobby system.
Socialization features (lobby and game chat, friends etc).
Three additional character types.
A character customization system.
15 additional classes (talent specializations).
Additional arenas.
Expanding team sizes to include 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 combat.
Creation of a system of in-game rewards that can be used to level up your gear.
Creation of a system to purchase cosmetic items for your characters.
Battle Passes.
Eventually leading up to the creation of battlegrounds with 10v10/25v25 and if it takes off, even a massive army vs army with as many as--dare I imagine it... 200+ player involvement.

And much more...

So please, if you are interested, our team is almost complete and we are about ready to move out of the pre-production stage. Hit us up and let's make something very, very cool!

Application Process:

Please send your inquiries to [email protected].


This will be a passion project at the start. We will be submitting our project for crowdfunding once we have something to show off and there will be Company Share and Rev Share. My goal is to get devs paid asap. I want this to be a company (not just a project) that recognizes hard work and dedication.
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