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Author Topic: Godot VR Development  (Read 660 times)
George Hennen
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« on: December 30, 2023, 11:33:10 PM »

Pretense: I have been programming, designing, and creating art for about 10 years now making various small games on Steam. I am now going over to Godot for the VR capabilities, Godot 4.0, and friendly community.

The post:
Hello! My name is George. I am 22. I work, I have a life outside of the Internet of Things, but enjoy creating video games. I have been working to finish up my latest game and once that is complete (maybe a week or two) I will start my Godot journey by creating a VR multiplayer title. Maybe that sounds bananas to you, but I enjoy learning and to me everything is do able if you put the time and effort into it. Godot 4+ has recently released, old news to you maybe but I was waiting years for this before I got into the engine at all due to previous constraints the engine had.

Learning with others is a lot more fun, and helpful. I would like to find someone else who is also looking to complete a game and either has a ton of experience, or looking to learn Godot the same way I am. Making games is something I enjoy, and having the chance to work with someone else who is equally passionate (and maybe potentially smarter than myself) is what I am looking to achieve with this post.

This person would need to be ready to have a way to test VR games (i.e have a headset, or have some weird workaround they know of), be willing to actively engage in the development in a title that will be completed (preferably within the year), and be open to learning new things. I also do not want to work with people under 18 which should be self explanatory. Having some experience with Steamworks is always helpful, but this isn't common, and I have to acknowledge many people do not even know what that is!

In the nicest way possible: seriously, do not contact me if you have no intention of ever finishing a game. I have made a few, and working with people who do not like to finish things is not great. I enjoy this stuff a lot and don't like when others ruin it. This is my escapism, it may be yours too.

This is not a paid post, or a job advertisement. It's a post looking for a friend who enjoys doing the same thing I do, and would like to work together on something great. I know how to lead a project to completion, as well as lay out a proper design document/plan (similar things but not the same) so you would not have to worry about being directionless at any time.

This is ideally for someone else with similar interest in making games, and has a decent chunk of free time that otherwise goes into playing games or sitting in the void.

If you've read this far, you're probably interested. Send me a message!

Have a good night.

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