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May 29, 2024, 01:06:45 PM

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Author Topic: Medieval, Action, Fantasy RPG [Apprentice Arriving]  (Read 475 times)
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« on: February 29, 2024, 04:56:52 AM »

Hello all! I like to present our fantasy RPG to you. We have come a long way with this game but it is finally taking shape!

An Action, Fantasy RPG with a unique mix of classic gameplay elements that strongly focuses on character development and growth.

Our game is currently in Pre-Alpha Stage.
Early Access is available on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1344520/Apprentice_Arriving/

Dive into the role of a sorcerer's disciple with enormous powers. Fight fierceful enemies that make the ground shake by their sheer presence, and encounter obstacles that challenge your physical and mental abilities. Learn to use powerful magic and techs to defeat your enemies in action packed, dynamic combat. Combine your skills and learn to use them effectively in your own style until you become a true master of its kind.

We have a new trailer, take a look:

A placid kingdom was born by the hand of Queen Licy and her benevolent husband. Founded as a safe haven against the voracious darkness in the world, the Kingdom of Aclendi prospered for years under the guidance of her two sovereigns, who gave birth to a son and spent most of their years together in peace. Until the day the good king died, under mysterious circumstances

Prince Landon attended the funeral, only to see his mother magically disappear before his very eyes. Rushing to his mother’s room, Landon found but a letter of hers as his call to adventure. The letter invited Landon to an unknown place called "Dormum".

Landon’s yearning for adventure needed no more; the Prince, who had never left the kingdom in his lifetime, resolved to depart for Dormum. On his journey he will face unexpected challenges and needs to discover his hidden potential. The only question remaining is, will it be enough to overcome the mighty demons and evil entities on his way? That is up to you to find out!

We are working hard on the new Combat System to make it fluent, dynamic and epic.

What we can reveal so far:

Each weapon type such as Short Sword, Longsword and Greatsword has it's own combo moveset
We have added a feedback system that allows you to feel each hit even more
You can move to all directions fluently to attack targets without having to lock on

We are very happy about our Combo System as it allows us to design any combo we want. The combos are starting off rather simple but can become a little more complicated later on. Next to combos there will also be Weapon Stances where you can switch between Fast, Medium and Heavy Melee Stances. It will be possible to switch your stance during combat.


A new menu is in the making. The menu will give you way more features than before such as Skilltrees, Potion Mixing, finally the long announced Destinyboard and much more. The menu is also fully optimized for gamepad.

You can talk to people and accept sidequests that will grant you great rewards. We have recently created a well working quest system which allows us to design pretty much any quest we want.

The environments in our game are totally diversified. Gorgeous landscapes but also sinister lands that would frighten even the bravest warriors.

Another important aspect we want to reveal is that each Main Level has a Sub Level or a Secret Level. Those levels are usually hidden. Secret Levels can also be very difficult and not seldom you will need a specific item in order to enter them.

That being said we are already working on the next level. We don't want to spoiler much but one thing we can say is that the level has the name „The Path of Mt. Talarev“. We are very excited about it and we are sure you will like it as well! Even Aclendi Woods is just a breeze of what's to come.

Join our Discord Server to chat with the devs: https://discord.gg/7jUgdkbWXb

Lastly we wanna say that our focus is currently on the unique Head Up Display. In the current version it is not possible to use its full potential and we want to change that. This feature is not just an ordinary HUD, it is something that will guide you through the game and even grows with you, meaning the stronger you will get the more abilities are going to be unlocked.

We will update this page as soon as we have new cool stuff to share!

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