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Author Topic: TIGWolf - werewolf tiggy style - or wereTIG, whatever  (Read 3803 times)
Lord Ash
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« on: August 06, 2009, 09:19:30 AM »

TIGWolf - werewolf tiggy style - or wereTIG, whatever, something catchy

being TIG, were tiger is obvious

#werewolf is an IRC game like #mafia. It is an IRC roleplaying game, you can read more background here:



This is that, but done as all things tig should be, epic. It will be enhanced with new scripts, and more features. I would like to see a bit of roguelike and mud gameplay, a dash of clue the boardgame.

Things it should have:

More roles:
More things for people to do, besides be an ordinary person. It helps keep people active and prevents boredom. It especially important to prevent streaks of being a simple character.

Guests or Townsfolk: normal players and NPCs
Butler/Maid/Servant: can move freely in manor
Investigator: can Inspect an area or scene or person to gain a small hint.
Doctor: can heal a person who was Wounded, or examine a body to determine its nature.
Monster Hunter: starts with silver bullets and stakes
Thief: can steal an item, pick locks
Priest: exorcise and bless, can use holy symbols as weapons
Seer: can determine nature of a person

Murderer: anyone gets this after they kill someone not in defense. characters can start as this.
WereTiger/WereWolf/WereBeast/Weretc.: a basic monster, maybe ranks ?
Vampire: new monster, can turn undead against living
Ghost: can PM, possess if powerful

Items can be used to prevent death or reduce wounds, grant powers or clues and give people more stuff to do.

silver bullets and wooden stakes, kill respective undead
holy symbol; prevents death from undead
skeleton key: unlocks a door or chest
weapons: raise attack

different places add a bit of strategy and depth.

Village: has basic houses and a general store
Manor: different rooms: hall, wings, towers, cellar garden, whatever
Train: has cars and quarters

different rooms may have different items or exits, which can possibly be barred.

these are things that make a role a bit unique, they modify the character a bit, for better or worse.

Bloodthirsty: must attack each night:
Intuitive: gets a hint to nature;
Observant: gets clues occasionally;
Mystical; gets bonuses in psychic astral stuff

Wounds and Attack:
characters have a few wounds, some maybe more than others
Characters have Strength, with is modified by weapons

if a character has 0 or less wounds, it is dead.

just getting ideas out there, some will be rather difficult, right now, getting the code open and working, and adding a couple of player types is the goal.

this should be open source, a blend of IRC bot game and clue the board game and mystery murder party game.

I could use a bit of help on this but Im glad to do what I can.
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That's cool.
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3D models are the best

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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2009, 01:54:00 PM »

You're basing this on the Python one, right?

Lord Ash
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« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2009, 10:27:22 PM »

currently java, but I am reading the code to several other game bots. I am open to suggestions, I am wanting this to be community oriented and developed.

I am really new to irc, and network programming in general. It is a great opportunity for me to learn. I am more than happy to use python, or C, or whatever, as long as it is what the community wants.

Any links or ideas, please post.  Coffee
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