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Author Topic: Alive To Be Dead ~ Budding idea in development.  (Read 1193 times)
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« on: August 23, 2009, 08:30:23 PM »

Alive To Be Dead is a game I would like to make.
Now, this game will be different from most games you're used to.
It will not feature fighting, or violent action sequences.
It will not feature leveling up, huge arrays of weapons, or intricate bullet patterns.
This game will play out much more like a movie.
Except, you control the flow of the movie.

The title is just off the top of my head, and subject to change.

I got the idea for the game very recently before writing this post,

"You play a girl who has gone through a series of traumatic events, thrown into deep depression and sorrow, and your one goal is to kill yourself so you can join your long lost lover in the spirit world forever. A powerful spell placed on you by a witch prevents you from dieing."

The game will start as you playing Shi Mamonaku,(translation: Death Soon) an old friend of the main character. Your first goal in the game is to meet with the main character. When you do meet the main character, you talk a bit, and shortly after you've finished talking, and the main character has left. You fall unconscious.(and as your name predicts...)

From then on you will play as Marui Kanashimi,(Warui Kanashimi, Bad Sorrow) the main character. Note the flipped 'W'. Marui in Japanese means round.

With no idea of the setting, her backstory reveals itself as you go through the events of Kanashimi's life. You learn about her past, as you unfold her future.

Japanese culture has had a huge affect on my life, and in it's culture I'd like to nest this game.

That's all I'm going to spoil. The story requires much more streamlining and development, which is what I'm doing right now. I hope to gain much support, comments, and criticism on this idea from the community. I really want to do this~ And I want to do it right.

I'd like some early opinions on the idea I have. It's both very ambitious, and very shallow.(maybe shallow in a good way.) There is no combat, or hefty action scenes to pull you in. There's just the story. And I hope my story shall develop into something powerful, and deep. Something original, something new.(Although I'm sure I'm not the first to tell a story alone through a videogame.)
Although this game contains many cliche elements, I can't really avoid that.(I don't want to) I hope to make this game, as a whole, original.

I was partially inspired by this from a certain Rev Rant on Destructoid, so give that guy some credit.

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