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Author Topic: Assassin's Speed - A strategic action game  (Read 1368 times)
Sean A.
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« on: September 05, 2009, 12:50:29 PM »

Assassin's Speed

Assassins Speed is a grid based stealth game, with a more arcade like feel without much or any emphasis on story. There will be 10 levels to start with and more to come via download and possible a creator. To control where you want to go you click and he will automatically go to the grid square you clicked on. There will also be a dynamic lighting system with soft grid based shadows and multiple light sources. There will be several enemies placed throughout each level some with flash lights some without. To kill an enemies you click on them and then click on a place to go after you have killed them (hopefully back into the shadows). You can also choose what to do with the body, you can leave it and make a quick escape or drag it and make a slow escape but leave no trace (useful if multiple guard routes overlap). The grid will be displayed as an overlay with it's colour depending on how safe you are and out of sight. If you are seen, the guards have guns and will a shoot you, and know you aren't Master Chief and you can't take thousands of bullets. Meanwhile all of this is going on, A timer is timing you. The object is to get out while assassinating everyone in the least amount of time, which will then be submitted at the to an online database that ranks you. Here is a quick mockup I did. Any input would be greatly appreciated and right now I am working on the lighting engine. This mock-up doesn't have the lighting but I will be releasing a benchmark soon.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas please post them.
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