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Author Topic: Quipu Tactics Arena [not going to finish...]  (Read 13513 times)
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« Reply #20 on: January 09, 2010, 02:47:01 PM »

Thanks AC... I reckon I can just about finish this, although I had to cut a ton of stuff. We'll see what happens after the compo ends.

New Chaos-like version:


I'm currently working on the game set-up screen - just click to skip the placeholder. Will hopefully finish that tomorrow and add some half-arsed AI Smiley

Screenshot for great justice:

Oh and lacking any name ideas, I'm naming after yokomeshi's spritesheet  Wink

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« Reply #21 on: January 10, 2010, 09:00:40 AM »

Ok, I uploaded what I managed to get done - see GameJolt link in first post - but I'm not calling it finished.

What is there:
- game setup screen where you can add human and AI players
- very rubbish broken AI logic (if it gets stuck, fortunately you can click End Turn to unstick it)
- some stats set up for creatures, however they are mostly at default values which are far too defense-heavy
- very cut-down summoning mechanic - you have a deck of 5 summons that replenish. It's not really balanced

What there isn't:
- a map select screen - the default arena has a few fragments of wall just to show they exist.
- ranged attacks
- much fun (although setting up a match with 8 AI players is mildly amusing)

Hopefully I'm not so sick of looking at this that I'll manage to refactor the hell out of it and make a proper releasable game later, we'll see.

Any feedback on the general feel and direction would be great. I might switch it back to something more squad-and-mission based in future (maybe keep the arena mode for skirmishing)

Looking forward to playing the finished entries, looks like some real gems in there!!

Now:  Beer!

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